Frisco 4-8-4 Northerns, SLSF 4500-4524

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    Here are diagrams for the three groupings of Frisco 4500 Class 4-8-4 Northerns.

    - SLSF 4500-4502, oil burners, primarily intended for passenger service when delivered in 1942
    - SLSF 4503-4514, coal burners, primarily intended for freight service, 1942
    - SLSF 4515-4524, coal burners, primarily intended for freight service, 1943

    Those of you who ordered the new "4500" models from Don will enjoy these diagrams if you have not seen them before. So will the rest of us, these were really handsome locomotives. And powerful - they delivered more horsepower per pound of locomotive weight than any other 4-8-4 built. Not bad - the Baldwin and Frisco designers combined their talents well on these big fellows!


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  2. TAG1014

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    Anyone know how many and which variations of the Glacier Park 4500's were sold?

  3. Karl

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  4. frisco1522

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    I don't know what the breakdown was on the 4500s, only that there were 12 of the Will Rogers version and 5 of the Hungerford oil burners.
    The total run of models was 140 and the entire run was sold out.
  5. TAG1014

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    Good thing I'm not in HO, I would have wanted one of each! Do they have any other Frisco engines on the horizon?

  6. Karl

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    Handsome to be certain, but I wonder how often were these locomotives operated at a speed that allowed them to produced their 5600 HP. I suspect that the 4500's max horsepower value occurred somewhere between the speeds of 45 mph and 60 mph. The Frisco was known for operating short, fast freights, but did the 4500's run these freights at 45+ mph up Dixon Hill, Iron Hill, Kirkwood Hill, Hannock Hill, etc.?

    I think that Doug had an interview with one of the former Frisco presidents (RC Grayson) in which the gentleman referred to the 4500's as "prairie" engines. I think that Doug published the article in one of the FMIG News letters.

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    Good memory, Karl...the "final" paper newsletter from Doug in June, 1996 (20th Anniversary issue) includes his interview with R.C. Grayson...

    Slowly but surely working toward getting an index built for all of these (thank you, Ken Wulfurt, for your assistance!).

    Best Regards,
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    Thought you guys might want to know the 4500 is now in its full Meteor paint scheme here in Tulsa. It is going to be moved this Sunday, May 2nd from the old Santa Fe yard to Frisco's Cherokee yard and then on the old Texas Belt to the old Mopac yard behind the Sinclair refinery. Steve.|-|
  9. frisco1522

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    Let's see some pictures!
  10. Steve40cal

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    I took these today with my Cel phone and resized for uploading so hope they turn out. Steve.|-|

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  11. DanHyde

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    Holy Smokes!! The photos are gorgeous!! Thanks for posting them. Looks like a road trip to Sooner country in the future.:cool:
  12. Ozarktraveler

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    VERY NICE!!!
  13. Wow great work I was there in March and she was full of Homeless and hobos living in her. This will be great. Can't wait to go back to Tulsa soon.:) Congrats on finishing the paint.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins
  14. TAG1014

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    Great engine and even GREATER pictures!

  15. wpmoreland719

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    Beautiful, classy locomotive. None of that outlandish and flat-out ugly non-sense that some larger eastern railroads were experimenting (and failing) with.
  16. gbmott

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    Thanks for posting the info and photos -- obviously a lot of folks there to be thanked for all their efforts in bringing 4500 back from the brink. So what happens now -- where will she ultimately be displayed?
  17. Steve40cal

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    There is a park on Southwest Blvd South of Cherokee yard that has an oil derreck and the 4500 with a passenger car and a Frisco outside braced caboose will be on a section of track. I'll have to drive by there to get the name of the park and its physical address. Not sure of the planned move with panel track across Southwest Blvd (old Hwy 66) from the TSU tracks but when I find out I'll let you know. Steve. |-|
  18. The park is going to be called Route 66 Station Park. It is to honor the mother road and the rails that parallel it. I heard this from a guy who had a model train booth at the Tulsa,OK train show. I checked it out and that is the name. What is the Number on the Frisco caboose? I saw pictures of it just painted plain red next to the Tulsa-Sapulpa Union passenger cars that are going in the park. This whole deal looks great. I really can't wait till I head that way again.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins
  19. mark

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    Plans are to move from Sand Springs the Frisco caboose SLSF 1186 (2nd).

    This car has moved around a bit. At one time it was owned by the Sunbelt Chapter NRHS. They were also involved in trying to restore the steam engine SLSF 4500. The word is the group was overextended financially and has sold both pieces of equipment.

    This is one of the Howe truss express compartment cabooses. It is the former SLSF 158. Of the 3 cars of similar design built by the Frisco, 2 still exist. The Oklahoma car is in transition as noted.

    The other is SLSF 1156. It has also moved around a bit. It had been at a youth camp before being moved to the former Frisco Museum in Springfield. After it closed, the car was purchased and moved by Ozark Mountain Railcar. It currently is reported to be at the Branson Landing shopping complex in Branson, MO.

    Hope this helps.


  20. Joe Lovett

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    What is the address of caboose 1186?
    Is locomotive located in SW corner of the fairgrounds anything close to a Frisco prototype in appearance?


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