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    1. mountaincreekar
      Goltra Junction, spur named Sligo Branch 1881; Sligo Furnace Railroad 1881.
      I have pic's of Sligo.
      Topo/Satellite Map; ROW's S&E, Salem Branch & Lead-Line.
      thanks, mountaincreekar, mountaincreekar@yahoo.com
    2. mountaincreekar
      search info's
      Iron County Central, route Dillard eastward
      loop around the first hill.
      Location(s) of Riverside Mine(s) & ROW Salem-Eastern RR from Salem.
      Real location of the first Riverside Mine, John Ziegler
      next to Meramec, just north of B on CR 522 just west
      of Capital Quarry.
    3. mountaincreekar
      Not sure how to send posts to multiples members?
      How do I find your pics of your layout?
      I have research info's to share
    4. mountaincreekar
      reply to mountaincreekar@yahoo.com,Why street name Santa FE in Wesco? When 1870's ?
    5. mountaincreekar
    6. Cody
      I'm wondering if you have any more information about the wreck in 1876 next to lost mountain. Me and my cousin swim that hole quite often and one if the train cars is visible and we have been pulling up train parts and bridge parts left and right off of the bottom. We are very curious and would like to know more about the wreck
    7. SAFN SAAP
      Yes. LOL...I changed my username today. It reflects my link with the Frisco better than the SABRR did. How do you like the mouse pads?
    8. William Jackson
      William Jackson
      Hay Pat, my email is on your message board here. Send me an email. I bought 3 cabooses from Rick McCelan to day off HO yardsales. I am thinking of posting a couple of SLSF waffle box cars. There too long for my pike. I found a couple of those like, hat or lapel pins, just wondered if your boy might collect
      them. I used to have a bunch of those, but give most of them away. Hope to hear from you.
      Bill Jackson
      Bill Jackson
    9. William Jackson
      William Jackson
      Great I will send it. Couple of other items also.
      Send your address again to my regular email.
      This site is a little tough to navigate fo me.
      I'm not challenged or anything but!
      Bill Jackson
    10. William Jackson
      William Jackson
      Got your email, but I never know where they go. I am thinking about going to the Sunshine Region NMRA convention in Tampa may 18. Not sure yet. There was an old guy who used to listen to the Cardinal's on the radio nearly every night. Now thinking he was a Bush fan, more than the Cardinal's. I listened with him, I was only about 10. All the old guys Musial, Maris, Gibson and those guys. I had their ball cards, most went on my bike with a close pin. those were good days. I got all my track in on my layout, it's small 9by9. I ran across a extra Frisco switch key the other day going through some items. Let me know if you don't have one and would like to have it. No charge.
      Bill Jackson
    11. William Jackson
      William Jackson
      Pat, I sent a message, but still do not know that it is actually sent. I don't know how to retrieve my sent messages. Sorry if I have sent this to you a dozen times.
      I have not looked for the Billboard yet, because I am just finishing my bench work and putting down foam. I will start on roadbed next week. I would really like to get the Frisco billboard from you. Let me know the cost and postage and I will send it to you. Thanks for remembering that I wanted one.
      Bill Jackson
      249 Macon Dr.
      Titusville, Fl
    12. William Jackson
      William Jackson
      Thanks, that is a real nice sign.
      If you get more information, I would like to get
      one for my layout that I am starting
      Bill Jackson
    13. William Jackson
      William Jackson
      Guess I was wondering if you got my message.
      I am still not sure how this site works.
      I seen the post under my profile.
      If you did not, look under my name.
      Bill Jackson
    14. Ishmael
      In your 4-4-0 message, you mentioned your album on the Salem Branch. I'm still learning my way here. Where woild I find it?
    15. gjslsffan
      Hi Pat,
      I have had the same noise issues with at least 10 RTR Athearns. I have found at least on mine that it was the motor. I don't know if it is the bronze oil-light bearings, or the motor shaft but one or both are louzey on some RTR motors. I have gone to using synthetic lube and it helps but if it making the noise it's too late and you cant pour enough oil on it to fix it.
      Athearn has replaced every one no questions asked, anyway it has worked for my issues. I agree that there should be oil on those worm gears too. I have even resorted to using pressing the hex drive flywheels on to older (non-RTR) motors and they work great.
      Glad I kept all those older motors now.
      Anyway you can send to:

      1550 Glenn Curtiss St.
      Carson CA 90746

      Hope this helps
      Tom Holley
    16. Brian waller
      Brian waller

      Nice picture's of Union Pacific #3985. Thanks for sending me some. I wish I was there to see it in person.

      Brian Waller
    17. wpmoreland719
      No problem, Tom. I fixed it by just barely touching the frog a few times with a Dremel. That seems to have taken care of it. My turnouts are Atlas. I have an issue now with a Custom no. 8 leading off the main onto the roundhouse and passenger tracks. My short wheel base units seem to short out while passing over it when it's aligned straight. The 4-4-0 is the worst and even the older SD40-2 has a little trouble running over it at slow speeds. If you have any suggestions or know of any manufacturers that make better ones, let me know.

    18. gjslsffan
      No the smallest I have is #6 Shinohara, but you will have problems with Peco switches of any size as the guard rails need another .015 shims added to keep the wheels from picking the frog
    19. Jim James
      Jim James
      Zalma Branch history as I know it: In 1881 Louis Houck built the Cape Girardeau and Southern Ry from Cape Girardeau to Poplar Bluff and beyond. Some towns along the line were(in order) Blomyer, Delta, Arbor, Advance, Brownwood, Puxico and so forth. Zalma, 8 miles northwest of the mainline at Brownwood,was a timber rich town and in 1887 Louis Houck built a line reaching out to Zalma to tap the vast timber resources. The Frisco bought the Cape Girardeau and Southwestern Ry in about 1916. The Zalma Branch was abandoned in 1934 due in part to the Great Depression. Very little is left of old right of way.Along the 8.3 mile long branch were the towns of Richardson(or Richardson's Crossing), Greenbrier and finally Zalma. The trains always backed up to Zalma. There was no way to turn around. There were only two sidings, one at Greenbrier and one at Zalma. Millions of cross ties and other timber were shipped out on this line as well as some livestock, produce and whatnot. Thanks for asking. Jim
    20. Jim James
      Jim James
      Thanks! Would you believe I took that picture with my iphone? I just got my Walther's flyer too. Bachmann offers two types of 4-4-0s. One is the newer spectrum Richmond 4-4-0 and the other is the much less expensive Old Timer 1870s era loco. I used the Old Timer for my project because it matched my prototype photo better. Bachmann's newer style has an odd driver placement and it looks awkward to me. Thanks again for kind words.
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