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Send me an an email address, this thing only lets me have 100 letters. Dec 17, 2015

    1. RogerRT
      Send me an an email address, this thing only lets me have 100 letters.
    2. pathowe
      I was looking around the site today and I found your .kmz on the Current River branch. I have the Salem Branch and River Division which you put together. They are amazing so I was wondering how many others you have put together?
      1. RogerRT
        It's all built, the whole system. Currently I'm cleaning up some around Pittsburg, KS. to reduce the size of the file, then got to add some trackage to the Birmingham area and it should be all done except for the indexs which will have to be totally redone. Should be completed in about 6 months. Roger
        Dec 17, 2015
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      2. pathowe
        How do you build them in segments like you do? I can't figure it out so the lines I trace are just one huge segment.
        I noticed on the Current River branch that you stopped at Busick. I saw on an USGS quad that the line extended to South Van Buren??
        Are you going to share the system when it is complete?
        Dec 17, 2015
      3. RogerRT
        Pat, the map is done. Send me a email at for a copy. It is 4.87MB so make sure your mailbox can handle it.

        Sep 18, 2016
    3. Karl
      No, I haven't had any trouble of late, although it's been a few days since I've tried. I have one thought. When I do have trouble, it tends to be a file size issue.
    4. wpmoreland719
      Hey Roger, I've tried to contact you once or twice. I've been busy, but have really gotten back into the hobby lately and am having a lot of fun at it. I credit you for helping get started with my research several years ago, and it'd be nice to hear from you again.
    5. grace65746
      Thanks for posting the pictures of the trackage around Harrisonville, MO. I have been there many times when the track was still in place, but I never got to take any pictures like you did. At the time, I was living in Grandview, MO., where I graduated from high school in 1985. There was times when I would ditch school and I would catch the local coming through Grandview or Belton, and would get on it and ride it to Harrisonville, along with my fishing gear and go to the lake outside of town. I would have a buddy come and pickme up at the end of the day and bring me home.
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