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    Thanks Steve.
    There doesn't seem to be a problem at all. But this will most likely never be ran MT anyways as it is so light. Got lead balancing weights made by Sig, (didnt even know I had them LOL), glued to the inside of the transformer, that will have the car just over 5oz. That will be good enough for this car I think.
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  2. Sounds good. Can’t wait to see this painted up Tom!
    That will look great on a siding even if it didn’t track well.
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    I think a heavy load placed on a real strong steel frame structure would still flex a bit. Depending on the structure vs the weight of the load, the flex would likely be minimal if even noticeable or even measurable.
    The engineer in me says that there always would be some "give", even if it was just a person standing on a massive bridge. I recall from my ROTC classes at MSM that a column of troops when marching along needs to fall out of step when crossing a bridge, or they will set up some harmonics in the structure that will result in damage over time.
    Hup two three four .....
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    K4? What is this decal source you speak of?
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    Jim, Frisco Friends,

    If you search eBay for K4 Decals, there are several sets available for Frisco Steam locomotives, boxcars. There are several others that they make including some more obscure lines.

    eBay Store at:

    On Facebook they are:

    Having pretty good results after some skill building.

    Here are couple more recent projects (give me until actual Wednesday, and I should have them all weathered):

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    That’s awesome! Eye candy for early era guys like me.
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    Those are cool! I gonna show my ignorance of this time frame. Was the Wichita North Western, and the Wichita Falls North Western the same outfit?
    I'm thinking no. But I usually wrong any way I go.......
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    The Wichita Falls & NorthWestern was based in Wichita Falls, Texas: It was absorbed by the Katy. The Wichita Northwestern started as the Anthony & Northern, running from Hays to Trousdale:
  10. Almost Wednesday here,close enough right? HA I've been working on this for a couple weeks now. The semi long story......quite a while ago I got a couple old Front Range GP-7s. They guy I got them from mailed them and might as well just put the stamps right on the bodies the packaging was so bad. The hand rails were totally destroyed. Coupler pockets broke etc.. It took my enthusiasm for them away quick. Nothing like starting a project with fixing another guys stupidity. So they sat a long time. I finally decided to start one. I had seen the random pics of 632 pop up for a while and saved them. All of them looked like it was pretty rough. So I started in. The steam generator needed removed, and I got brave and narrowed the fuel tank. I cut it apart with a Dremel and a multitude of cutoff wheels.I'd recommend not doing this. But with that I started the weathering and paint work. Added some Friscoesque detail pieces and some sunshades from styrene. I made those terribly ugly spark arrestors from styrene and some AM stainless mesh on top. A speed recorder, strobe etc.. and here ya go. Not perfect by any means, but it gets the flavor of 632 at least. Enjoy, Steve

    The proto first:

    Here's my attempt:
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    Now with some weathering.....
    IMG_3304 (2).JPG
    IMG_3322 (2).JPG
  12. Those look great Bob. Nice work as always.
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    Right back at you. Headed your way on the 29th. Maybe catch you on this trip, Steve.
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    Robert, I probably missed it, but the 498 ... What kinda model is that ? Looks very nice. Upgraded With ?
    Great Job.
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    Thanks Bill, It is a Bachmann model. I just added Frisco decals from K4 Supply.
  16. Sounds good Bob. We will go ahead and advertise it as a mini-convention since there is only two of us. Ha
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    A little weathering is in order this workshop Wednesday

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    Nice job on the roof.
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  19. William Jackson

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    Very nice model, Robert. I'm going to have to have one. I just noticed the Switch Stands, old Rampo style, nice touch. I have a few of those to use also.
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    I'm STILL fighting with the 185. I swear that engine is cursed. I gave up on the POS Dong Jin tender trucks and threw them away and cobbled up a pair from my parts supply. So far, new motor, new cylinders, new tender trucks, rebuilt gear box. There should be a special place in hell for Dong Jin.

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