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Discussion in 'General' started by yardmaster, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Thanks Don, I have been wanting to pick one up to strip and repaint some brass ..cough cough...diesels. But wanted to buy one I knew would work and only buy one.
  2. Day late and several dollars short, story of my life. But here is one of my projects this week. My dad has a couple old Hallmark cabooses. I painted one up for him over the last few days. In case any of you wondered, the price tag was $14.95 on it new! I used this picture of 119 from the Frisco/Katy Nick Molo book. I liked it with the fuel oil spillage. Plus some odd "wrong" features. The steps aren't yellow. The one window frame is though? I need to make the cable for the side still. I skipped glazing because it would require tearing the body apart. So here you have it. Enjoy
  3. Jim James

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    I think the cable hanging along the bottom edge is one of the coolest details that make some cabooses really pop out at you. Your model looks fantastic but that cable will finish it off.
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  5. Coonskin

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    Waxed truss rod string from an MDC "Old Timer" truss rod boxcar or reefer will fill the bill on replicating that cable.

  6. Sirfoldalot

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    Ho Hum! Just another outstanding model from the Master Weathering Man!
    That's a winner, STEVE.
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  7. Thanks guys. Glad you like her. Are there tow cables on both sides? There are hooks on both sides of the model for them.
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    1039 is in pieces now, been micro blasted and will be painted this weekend.

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    My wooden models only have the cable on the left side. Not sure about your more modern caboose.
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  10. Jim James

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  11. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Depends on what you want, most only had one and that was if the train crew picked it up after use.
    Funny that brings another story, on KCS I got a call one Saturday afternoon. Derailment, three cars in different places in the train. Generally that would bring "Buff and Draw " forces into the picture. Maybe a gage place on a curve that pushed out from slight buff actions. I have seen gage that would push out and come back between car wheels. But in this case I was told the crew got a knuckle. I started my inspection and found a large gash in a tie, a little further another large gash. Bout every three or four cars, one axle on the ground. Finally under a derailed truck, a drawbar. Are you ready for the mystery. The engineer had lunged a drawbar, the brakeman just coupled up and proceeded. The drawbar just rolled under the car, striking a tie, here and their, gouging it, dropping one axle, until it stuck and just set a complete truck off on the ground. I ask the trainman what happened and the guy said he couldn't roll the drawbar out of the track so he just hooked up and pulled, finally it set a truck off the track and Swoosh the air popped. I ask the engineer, about the pull and he said with all these horses and cars, you would not even feel the extra pull. You gotta wonder why Roadmasters Drink a lot !
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    "I ask the engineer, about the pull and he said with all these horses and cars, you would not even feel the extra pull."

    And he is correct.

    The shorter the train, the more pronounced something out of the ordinary can be felt. With a long, heavy, train with many thousands of horsepower pulling on it, it's very typical to not feel anything wrong until it comes unglued.

  13. Thanks for that picture Jim. Nice work
  14. Bill I always love your stories.
    My world has dump truck drivers, They never cease to amaze me. What they can hit, drag, drive over or dump a load before asking where!
  15. Sirfoldalot

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    MOH has the ability to center every pothole, seldom does she miss or slow down!
  16. Hahahaha I can relate to that. My wife should work at a UL lab torture testing wheel bearings and lawn mowers!
    One of my riding mowers even has a sign on the dash that says “please be gentle”. Ha
    She is without a doubt the only person on earth that has rolled riding mower AND hit a monster truck with a riding mower. Both mower decks have more MiG welder wire than steel now. Ha. But she lets me buy plenty of models as a trade off I guess. Hahahaha
  17. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    You gotta ride some KCS track to feel the real rock and roll. Not to mention any names, we had a chief engineer that wanted to ride the back of a coal train with the business cars. We was all on there and had just finished dinner going south into Poteau and emptied the dining table. He kicked me off the train.
  18. Coonskin

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    I don't know what years you're talking there... but essentially all Class 1's have done away with working air to provide slack free train handling. It can be done, both freight and psgr. The Old Heads that taught me (one of them, Harry Carrol, had hired out on the Frisco when they were still steam powered!) how to handle trains so the Brains in the caboose had smooth rides.

    During each psgr excursion season, I routinely handled multiple car passenger trains up to 45 MPH that served wine in long stem glassware. Also flower vases on the tables/etc. Nary a drop on the linen, never slid plates/etc. I was awesome. :ROFLMAO:

    One psgr trip I KO'd a heifer right in the butt at track speed. (She filled the coupler pocket with manure! For some reason, my Conductor that was with me that day didn't feel it was his responsibility to clean it out!) Anyway, she hit so hard her tough old head flopped around and broke off the engine's angle cock. Of course, we went into Emergency. I did my thing to insure a smooth, slack-free-as-possible slowing as the train came to a stop. Once stopped, and I ascertained that we were DRT (Dead Right There), so I went back to inform the head "Show Conductor" (uniformed volunteers, this one had been with the A&M for a long time) of our situation. He made the comment... "of all the times I've been on these trains that's gone into Emergency, that was the SMOOTHEST we've EVER come to a stop!" He was in awe. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:

    Yup, the longer I'm retired, the more awesome I was!!!


  19. gjslsffan

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    I hear you Andre. The older I get, the better I used to be.

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