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    When running, I always tried to picture the engine and train as one whole unit and considered what action/reaction anything I did would have on the whole unit. If course, I never was engineer on a really long train where you would be hanging over a hump and in a sag. I think my limit was 24 car passenger train. Always did my best to keep everyone on their feet and in their seat. All with stretch braking.
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    And she mows...
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  4. Nice find Keith. I had not noticed that before in the background.
    I originally had seen it in the yard in Springfield in the late 70s. I only had one pic though that my dad had taken for me. Then one day I realized Mike Condren had another picture of it. I thought it would be a neat project. While talking with Brad Slone I found out he had a couple more pictures of it in his collection that he would share. And the rest is workshop Wednesday history. Ha
    Thanks again Keith.
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    The HO Cary/Athearn H-10-44 project, started 2-3 decades ago, culminated with an appearance on the Knoxville club's HO layout at the Tuesday-morning op session yesterday. I finally finished it in late May for the SER convention in Chattanooga. I don't model Tulsa, so I chose a St. Louis switcher for the prototype. The SoundTraxx decoder sound is awesome and very quiet like those opposed-piston F-M diesel engines. They were used in USN submarines for many years. Should she be weathered? The prototypes were kept quite clean.

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  6. Looks great Doug. The prototype looks pretty clean. Maybe a little dark wash on the grilled and radiators. But looks like they took good care of theirs.
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    I agree and a little weathering on the truck sideframes!
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    Beautiful model! I agree about the weathering and highlighting. I like using dark brown oil paint thinned to highlight the grills and other molded on details like bolts and seams. Everyone has their own recipe for a wash. Light dust colored dry brushing on the truck side frames will really show off the detail as well. It will really make those details jump out at you.
    Of course it looks nice as it is.
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    Doug, Steve, Jim, Great Stuff.

    My progress has been a bit slow during the week, with some long days at work. Was up early this morning and mostly finished ballasting on the Weir City portion of the layout, including the wye leg. Still a bit around the turnout points to go. Have also a bit of grass down and grade crossings going in for Vogel and Polk streets. Needing to get the culvert in on the wye leg and pave the roads (with dirt/chats). Won't be long now and will be time for some structure work.

    Happy Wednesday,

    -Bob T.
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    A1A71647-1802-4788-B106-EB76232010FF.jpeg 1A902537-5C0C-44E2-8A67-7E3F622CC2D4.jpeg Bob your track looks realistic as the rails are just the right color. I shudder when I see an otherwise superb layout with bright shiny rail sides.
    Tonight moved my cornfield over to the new farm location and rearranged some trees around the barn. That corn is a pain in the rear to move.
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    That looks great! With that Cary shell it should pull the paint off the walls.
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    Great to hear your modeling mojo is back Jim!! I like what you have done here. I need to watch your newest video now.
  13. A day late like usual but....
    I am working on a couple things. One is a chevy truck for a friend of mine. Some of you may know a model railroader named Butch Eyler. He is an incredible modeler who after the RPM meet near San Francisco had his truck broken into and his models stolen. I'm trying to refill his model shelves since they are vacant now. I am almost done with a model of the 48 Chevy pickup he bought this spring. He has not seen this yet but I will surprise him at the RPM in St Louis next week.
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  14. Also I am building some boxes to haul models. Some of you have seen my old system, pretty much shove them all in a Walmart bag and hope they make it. HA So I made some poplar boxes and glued some foam in them. I just need to trim the foam. They can hold three rows of HO scale rolling stock. There are also some I am building for my large scale trucks. Might make hauling them a little safer.
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    I got the 1039 mostly lettered yesterday except for the headlight wings. Next will be the seal coat, windows, lenses and all. Then decoder installation. Hope to finish it up, maybe over the weekend since its supposed to be hot.
  16. Can’t wait to see it Don.
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    Have I mentioned how awesome your right-of -way is?
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    A little placeholder that I whipped up in a couple hours using my photo software, printer, some black poster board, and a bit of glue. You're looking at a stand-in place holder for the engine house that will eventually be built for the town of "Ozarka" when running my 1960s on my new layout. The 1880s engine house will be oxide red board and batten w/shake shingle roof.


    All fer now!

  20. Looks great Andre. I’d seen this on MRH too. Rock Wade’s always look good. This should be neat.
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