Frisco decals all scales - K4_Pacific on eBay

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    Reports from folks like ScratchbuiltMike, who on eBay sells a ton of cars, is that the decals are awesome and work just as well as Microscale. I have never used Suntek myself, so when I do a car I will do a full report on here.

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    He does do G and F scale decals. I will see what is up and ask if he will accept orders to do them.

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    I contacted him about G Scale diesels. He has a list of G Scale cars available and steamers. I didn't see diesels. His G is 1:24. Just figured I'd mention that.

    As soon as I get a reply, I will let you know!
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  4. Yeah I talked to him through eBay and asked a while ago about them, since he has the artwork. He said he was capable and would put it in the to do list. Pretty sure it is a long list though. He’s only about an hour from me, I may just go wait at the house til he’s done. Ha.
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    I spoke with him. He has the diesels done. The problem is the stripes are so large they are difficult to fit. He's working on it and hopefully will have a solution shortly. He'll tell me and I'll pass it along as soon as I know.

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    Hi Levi,
    Great to have you back. How are his decals produced? Like screen printed or printer, just curious. I have directed several people to him and had a couple email conversations as well, seems like a good person. I wish him well. He has sure put some product out, seems very fast.
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    Hello Tom,

    Thanks! I am moving forward in my ministry and I am also getting back to building trains, albeit this time from scratch. I really want to capture the essence of prototype without getting all hung up over it. I will be starting a build thread for all my cars which will be Frisco's and non-Frisco's. I'm concentrating on cars. I have the most fun building them.

    K4 prints all his decals. He is a really nice person to deal with. I am working with him to get him all sorts of cars for his line. With close to 2000 period photos of 1880-1910, that are 99% decal material, he is getting good stuff to do. I am waiting for his releases this month. He has some St Louis Iron Mountain and Southern, Chicago Southern, Armstrong Packing, Frisco, and others coming. Tank cars! Oh is he doing period tank cars for me! I'm so happy.

    I'll be posting up more and more. I have a lot to show you guys. My Frisco picture collection is YUGE!
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    We will be looking forward to your posts. Always good to see photos of Frisco times, I particularly like steam locomotives.

    When I was a lot younger I used to be upset because Model Railroader would have steam locomotive drawings just about every month. I was a diesel fan at that time but became a steam fan after I saw a video of a locomotive running across the prairie at high speed. Was really impressed with the slinging weight of the drawbars and spinning wheels.

    The deal was set after my daughter and I chased Frisco 4-8-2 1522 from the Missouri/Oklahoma state line to Claremore on May 19, 2001. Got to see, hear and smell the real thing, pure heaven.


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    FRISCO 36 BOX CAR 12019 and its sister are up and available on eBay: 202654755357


    He also did the following tank cars for me. One is in St. Louis and was serviced by the Frisco!

    St. Louis Syrup Refining Co.

    St Louis Syrup Refining Co 201.jpg

    P. Duff's Refined Molasses

    P Duff & Sons Molasses.jpg

    I love me some tank cars!!!!

    Enjoy guys! More is coming! More Frisco! Believe me!

    Mobile & Ohio is also up
    Toledo & Ohio Central is also up

    Oh happy day! Please, please support him!


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    Thats some pretty cool tank cars Levi, I note the first image must have been taken among the first years, of the safety appliance act, as the car has a rather unique knuckle equipped draw bar that had a slot for link and pin operation too. Boy they weren't afraid to apply plenty of lettering and advertising. The trucks are interesting too.
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    I believe those are Fox Trucks. They were made of stampings by the Pressed Steel Co. TOC19

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    Yes, I really like those tank cars. I'm not big on Fox Trucks, but the cars will have to have them. I am building the four car set. They had cars 201, 203, 205, and 207. I really like that St Louis Syrup Refining car.

    Here are the following Frisco drawings that are going to be done. These have never been offered in decals before.

    StLSF 8674 Large.png StLSF 7500.png KCC&S 4170 Full.png StLSF 965 Refrigerator.png StLSF 5807 Flat Car.png

    I hope these to be available before June. Yes, all scales. N-HO-S-O-G

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    Please don't take this the wrong way, but I need y'all to support K4 by buying decals from him. If he sees sales from the Frisco guys he'll be more enticed to do more. If you purchase on eBay, send a note with the order and say you saw him on forum boards, so he sees.

    I'm going to bat for y'all as I want these too. I have so much more Frisco to do, especially all the Kansas (City) Routes, and QA&P. Show support and purchase as you can! Let him know where you saw them.


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    I intend to purchase what I can from K4, but bear in mind that your (and my) interest in TOC19 is a very small niche market. I will likely purchase select examples of the above sets, but frankly, they won't fit my late 1880s era. I will only be purchasing them to help support.

    For K4 as a business entity, I feel what would be more attractive to the market would be decals for cars that would have been seen from the 1950s into the 1970s.

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    I am thinking REAL hard about the syrup tank car; I even have a set of Fox trucks I can use.

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    Andre, et al,

    I appreciate your remarks. I don't mean for folks to just purchase the 1880-1910 period, but to help by buying whatever era you model. He has plenty of Frisco to run late and I will be giving him pictures of Frisco all the way to 1980. Support him however you can through your era. Let him know you learned about him here. He will do more Frisco that way. That is what I meant.

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    I bought 4 sets from him. I didn't say I saw him on Frisco, but I can do that now.
    It turns I had bought from him before--I got a Cal-Scale power reverse for my K11 just last week from him--so he was already on my radar, but I'll let him know sent me.
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    K4 has just released more decals

    • Wichita Falls & North Western Railroad 36' "Wichita Falls Route", two (2) car set
    • St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern 50' Furniture Car, two (2) car set
    • St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern 40' Furniture & Buggy Car, two (2) car set
    • St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern 34' Boxcar, two (2) "Air Brake" and two (2) Regular
    • Little Rock Cooperage 60' Barrel Cooperage Car
    • HD Williams Cooperage 60' Barrel Cooperage Car
    • Hocking Valley 36' Boxcar, two (2) car set

    More cars are on the way! Remember to go the Buy it Now option and if you buy 4 or more, you get 15% off with free shipping. He's done really nice work.

    If anyone needs pictures, please let me know and I will either post up or send them to you. Just let me know which. LOL.

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  19. For any curios people I went ahead and decaled up a basic Bachmann GP7 last night with the K4 set of QA&P decals. They aren't too bad.

    Pros: crisp print and slide of almost as soon as they hit the water, don't put more than one in the water at a time. They do settle down pretty nice with several coats of Solvaset.

    Cons: yellow seems far too light, come off the paper quick so work fast. The biggest con is the film they are printed on. It is very soft and gooey or slimy. They are very prone to stretch trying to place them.

    Overall all not bad, not as nice as the same set offered by Mask Island though. But for you guys looking for stuff that nobody else offers they will work. Here's some pics. 546 still needs the FRISCO pieces added, I wanted to show it totally stock first so its just the decals.
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    Nice! I don't see any horns. Does the Bachmann shell have them placed on the side of the hood (where EMD first placed them)?

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