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  1. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    This afternoon installed fascia to module 08 overhead valence and then applied Gesso. Next project was to paint the last background panel on the walls. Then painted the valence dark blue and installed it.

    Still need to cut the notch for light switch.

    Next step is to modify benchwork for 08 and cut fascia for modules 04 and 07.

    20200818_213635.jpg 20200818_221030.jpg
  2. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Only got to work on my layout for about a hour yesterday. I did modify module 08 benchwork and cut out an area on 08 background for the light switch that turns on the overhead lights in the room. The light switch will be hidden with scenery.

    Next step is installing fascia on modules 04, 07 and 08, then start stack up insulation foam on 08 to get it ready for the steel trestle.


  3. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Today I cut and installed fascia for modules 03, 04, 07 and 08. I'm going to cut the valley on 08 wider.

    Next step is completing fascia for modules 01 and 02 then Gesso and paint. This will complete fascia on all modules of the layout so far.


    20200822_222747.jpg 20200822_222721.jpg
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  4. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    After two days of measuring, cutting and filing Masonite the fascia is installed on modules along the walls. I don't have any more Masonite except a few scraps, went through four sheets to do everything.

    Then two coats of Gesso and call it good for the night.

    Next step is painting fascia and start foam stack up on module 08.


    20200823_220226.jpg 20200823_220204.jpg
  5. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    I painted the fascia and started stacking foam on module 08 this afternoon, did some touch up paint on fascia tonight.

    20200824_155241.jpg 20200824_155251.jpg 20200824_155302.jpg 20200824_155313.jpg 20200824_155341.jpg 20200824_155351.jpg

    Next is finishing foam project and installing roadbed on 08. Then look at the bridge modules 09, 10 and 11 that goes across the room from module 08 to 01. I'm going to use one inch diameter PVC pipe for legs and cross braces. Used 3/4 inch diameter on a previous layout with no problems and it's super easy to work with. The guys from the NEONS teased me asking if it was hot or cold water. This layout is a little heavier than the previous one so decided to use larger diameter pipe.

  6. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    This morning I installed foam for the gorge on module 08, then this afternoon I installed mainline and passing track on modules 01 and 02 along with three turnouts.


    Later tonight want to finish mainline on module 08 except where the steel trestle goes.

    Next step is adding feeder wires and foam for mountains.


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  7. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Nice looking foam contour work. My favorite scenery base by far.
  8. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    I did some more foam work this afternoon for the trestle and put a 1/4 inch thick 2 foot long piece of plywood across the gorge to represent the trestle. Waiting for caulking to dry before carving foam for bridge abutments, went ahead installing mainline track on module 08. It's just pinned in place for now and need to install spur for interchangeable coal mine and sawmill later this evening. There are a couple of short S turns on mainline but should be ok because of 19 inch radius. It's really tight fit to get everything in place on the right end of 08.

    I set my RS1 and a couple of coal hoppers on bridge to see how the scene looks.


    20200826_133848.jpg 20200826_133909.jpg 20200826_144921.jpg
  9. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Scootin’ right along! Looking good.
  10. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Last evening I installed track for the interchangeable coal mine/sawmill and got a sheet of foam.


    This morning I cut foam for mountains on the north end of module 08, each layer is 3/4 inches thick. Now I'm waiting for caulking to dry so I can carve.


    Going to do the other end later this afternoon.

  11. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Dang, Joe,

    You build faster than I can click "Like"

    Looking great.

    -Bob T.
  12. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Bob, I've seen you build like a Jack Rabbit. lol

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  13. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Just finished stacking foam on south end and gorge for mountains on module 08. Later this afternoon I'm going to carve and get it ready for scenery tomorrow. Cynthia made a bunch of trees with more to come being northwest Arkansas.


  14. where is the bridge in the entire scheme?
  15. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    The 24 inch long steel trestle goes across the gorge, I have a 1/4 inch thick 24 inches long board to represent the trestle. A ME N 7519 320ft tall steel trestle kit is the bridge I'm going to use.


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  16. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Sunday and today I carved foam on module 08 for a couple hours each day and this evening poured plaster in a large rock mold.

    There is one more area to carve on the north end for next work session.

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  17. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Finally finished carving foam on module 08 mountains and made some rock castings this evening, any foam gaps will be covered by castings. The bridge abutments will be done after I get the trestle kit assembled.

    Sorry for the bad lighting, my florescent drop light burned out.
    20200901_211201.jpg 20200901_211216.jpg

    Going to order trestle and shelf brackets Thursday morning.

    Next step is scenery on most of 08.

  18. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Thought you might like some close ups.

    20200903_003522.jpg 20200903_003547.jpg 20200903_003731.jpg 20200903_003824.jpg 20200903_004211.jpg
  19. Joe,
    You can not beat that bridge, passenger train and locomotives. Great!
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  20. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Thank you.

    I went to N scale because wanted to run passenger trains and have seven Frisco E8's with two being converted to E7's for a Texas Special train.


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