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  1. meteor910

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    Yes, you have circled the radiator cap. I originally got cute and painted it silver because I remember one VO that I saw at Lindenwood that had a chrome cap on it. But, I have painted it black since.

    That's a crummy pic I took of 213 - from about a year or so ago. I've got to take some better ones, sans flash, and at better angles. I've also improved it a bit since.

    Need pics of the two TRRA's as well. The other three Frisco's are still in the finishing shop ..... been there about nine months. We work slow here! :cool:

  2. meteor910

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    For the record, and to replace that early poor pic of the same model, here are roster shots of my Stewart Frisco VO-1000, SLSF 213.

    FYI, I have not yet relocated, or changed, the horn.

    And, yes, I got the cab roof "nail" antenna a bit to the left of the cab center line. That's what happens when you are in your mid-60's, so you younger fellows beware, it's coming!

    I'll likely replace the "nail" with a "firecracker" antenna, as that is what the pics we talked about earlier regarding the horn placement indicated this Frisco VO carried. Once again - our Frisco gives us mystery - some of the VO's used "nails", some of them used "firecrackers".

    I also will likely want to add the striped safety visibility panels to the front and rear porch handrails that the SLSF BLW units usually carried. I did that to a Frisco DS-4-4-1000 I made from an Athearn S-12, but have not done that to this Stewart model yet.


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  3. JamesT

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    Hello everyone,

    Finally got my VO-1000 detailed. Put a NCE KRS-SR decoder in it and it runs fine. Then I went to put the shell on and ran into a problem. I cannot get everything to fit under the hood. I filled off the holes for the stacks an did some minor filing to get it to fit but it still rides up on the off side from whichever end i get set down and the tabs engaged. Anyone have a suggestion? I would like to stay with the NCE decoder has it really runs quiet and smooth.

  4. gna

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    I've had to play around with mine to get it to seat down with a TCS T1 under the hood. When it's just so I can get it to fit. It's a pain, though. See TCS website for installation. (TCS has moved on from the T1).

    I found a picture of 224, with four short stacks as Ken indicated...right here on Frisco.org! It's under modeling of the frisco, ho, diesel locomotives thread: http://frisco.org/vb/showthread.php?t=327


    Moderator's note: Put a smaller/thinner N or Z decoder such as a DZ125, M-1 or Lenz Silver in for clearance.
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    Thanks for the verification on the number of stacks that are on the engine #224. I have received the VO-1000 model offered by Stewart yesterday, and I'm looking forward to putting the details on it real soon. Gary Wayne
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    Hello guys: I have stumbled across the Nov. 2002 issue of Model Railroader the other day while doing some house cleaning and foundan article onModeliong 1950 Southern style which was a layout referred to as the Bluff City Southern by Allen Keller. On page 80, there is a photo of Frisco VO-1000 with two short stacks on it. Probably an error on the modeler's part but I won't knock the modeler for it. Meteor 910 seems positive about #224 having four short stacks on it and remained that way until it was retired and traded in. The model on page 80 that I mentioned about earlier was # 224 as well. Gary Wayne
  7. meteor910

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    Gary - Most of the Frisco VO-1000's had one stack. Several had four stacks, a few had two stacks. Baldwin kept changing the stacks around for who knows what reason.

    Fear not - SLSF 224 was a Baldwin four-stacker. I have no reason to believe it was not that way until it was retired - all the pics I recall seeing of it show four stacks.

    The Frisco put spark arrestors on at least one of the four stack VO-1000's, the same spark arrestor they used on the F-units. That made for a strange looking dude!

  8. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    As a follow-up to Gary's and my postings above, I took a quick look through my pics (not all of them) of Frisco's Baldwin VO-660 and VO-1000 Diesel switchers today, to do a "stack count" for the series. The SLSF had two VO-660's (SLSF 600-601, later renumbered to SLSF 60-61) and 38 VO-1000's (SLSF 200-237).

    Based on this photographic evidence, though it is not complete, I find the following:

    o Both of the VO-660's were single stack

    o VO-1000's:

    - Single stackers: Perhaps all of them from SLSF 200 to about SLSF 222, except for 207. But, I don't have them all. There may be a few above 222 as well, but my pics are not complete - I don't have a good shot of all the VO's. Of course, after SLSF 200-208, 210, & 215 were repowered by EMD with 567's, they carried two EMD style stacks.

    - Two stackers: For sure SLSF 223, 225, 226, 228, 229. I'm unable to explain 225, as I have a pic of it with two stacks and a pic of it with four stacks. Once again, the Frisco delights in keeping us confused!

    - Four stackers: SLSF 207, 224, 225 (see above), 231, 232, 233, 234, 236, 237.

    FFF = fun, fun, fun!

  9. Sirfoldalot

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    Ken .. You can add the three VO's that I posted to your list.
    211 - I am unsure about .. but appears to be single stack.
    214 - Single stack
    230 - Four stacks

    BTW - That is ONE FINE LOCO you have there. Beautiful work :)

  10. gbmott

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    Interesting that you picked 213 to model -- she was the resident switch engine in Fort Smith for something in the neighborhood of ten years from the mid-/late-50's -- which explains why so Louis and I photographed it so many times. I don't know when she finally went elsewhere -- I had done so before she did!

  11. meteor910

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    Sherrel - Thanks! The Stewart VO-1000 is a nice model. So are their VO-660 and the DS-44-1000 models. I still have both of those to complete as Frisco units. Stewart also makes the BLW S-8 (three stacks!) and S-12 models, but the Frisco did not roster those.

    Gordon - I did my VO-1000 model as SLSF 213 as that was the number supplied on the SLSF decorated kit. I don't like Stewart's fonts for lettering and numbers (font letters/numbers are way too thick), so I relettered and renumbered it using the MicroScale #87-85 Frisco decal set. I love that decal set. I think MicroScale got the font and the yellow color DEAD ON.

    I kept the unit as SLSF 213 so I could keep the Stewart numbers in the numberboards, which are quite well done. I also kept the number on the cab end as it looked fine. Just the "FRISCO" on the hood sides and the cab side numbers were replaced. I had trouble finding numbers of the right size and the correct font for the nose coonskin number plate, so it does not look quite right because the numbers are slightly different looking. What can you do?

    I also toned down the Stewart bright yellow on the pilots, handrails, grabs, etc. Too bright! Plus, I blackened some of the bars on the pilots, as my pics showed they were black on the real unit.

    It turned out OK and is a sweet runner.

    I still have Stewart kits SLSF 224 (VO-1000), SLSF 238 (DS-44-1000) and SLSF 601 (VO-660) to do. I imagine I will do them the same as on 213. It seems I have a huge backlog of stuff to do!

    Glad to hear of your history with the real SLSF 213. Lots of good pics of that engine.

    I always liked the Baldwin switchers. I didn't see many of Frisco's BLW's in person, but I remember seeing one, a four-stacker, in a movie. The VO engine turned at such a low RPM that you could see the exhaust cycle puff out of each stack individually. The VO-1000 was an eight cylinder engine, so I guess each of the four stacks caught only two cylinders. I often wondered why Baldwin kept changing their exhaust system, it seemed often they changed it unit to unit. I wonder if it was a common manifold, even on the four stacker?

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  12. Coonskin

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    Wow... the old Frisco Baldwin VO's. Man oh, man... the MEMORIES!

    First noticed as a lad in KC area... then got up close and personal with them at the Ft. Smith yard beginning in late '69 (I think). Rode many a time with various of the hoggers as they thrashed cars in the Ft. Smith yard and worked the various industries around Ft. Smith.

    Most memorable night spent on a Baldwin had to be the one I took with engineer Harry Carroll (deceased) and crew working the night switcher on a cold winter's night. Started off switching the yard, building the outbound train. Train built it was off for the south and switch the huge and (then) thriving Whirlpool plant. From there we hit "The Alleys", popping in and out among the tall buildings of Ft. Smith proper spotting and pulling the various cars from such customers as Ft. Smith Paper, Armour Co., Swift Co., and others. Got back to the yard in the darkness of early morning. What an experience for this budding railroader (at the time).

    Would dearly love to hear the sound of an idling 8 cylinder De Lavergne prime mover one more time!

    FWIW: Sometimes in the colder months when I enter the cab of an idling A&M T-6 switch engine... it is toasty warm and ALMOST has that wonderful smell like those old Frisco Baldwin's. In so doing, often times memories flood my mind of past Frisco Baldwin experiences.

    Andre Ming
  13. U-3-b

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  14. meteor910

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    Though the pic above is of the EMD repowered SLSF Baldwin VO1000's, SLSF 202 and 204, the cab is pure Baldwin.

    Love those Frisco VO's!

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  15. friscomike

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    Thanks for the cool memory Andre. I love to hear those stories. ~mike
  16. Frisco2008

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    Thanks to all of the info presented here, I've ordered a Lok Sound decoder for my 224.

    Does anyone recall the mag and date of the SLSF layout plan with the swing-out section, etc. It featured a VO-1000 out on a branch line.
  17. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    I came across this rather poor picture of SLSF 229, a Baldwin VO-1000, in a collection of negatives I have of various shots of the Frisco in and around the Enid, OK area.

    - SLSF 229 is one of the rather rare two-stack VO-1000's the SLSF had. Most were one-stack or four-stack.
    - Can anyone explain the paint job? I've never seen a coonskin used on the side of a Frisco locomotive (other than on the small 44t & 45t "critters"). Must have been an experiment.
    - Are the trucks and air tank silver, or gray?
    - Notice you can easily see the radiator cap behind the headlight. Most people forget to model this, as the otherwise very nice Stewart VO model does not include it (Stewart forgot too!).
    - Is that a Frisco stock car in the background?

    These negs were given to me many years ago by a gentleman I befriended over the internet while conversing about my old "Roster Tales" articles done for the Frisco Museum's "All Aboard" publication. I regret I can't recall his name, or the history behind the photos. Most of them are shots of GP38-2's and GP7's, but there are a few other interesting ones as well. This one is the most unusual in my mind.

    Anybody know the history of this?


    ps: Note 229 also is fitted with a "wagon wheel" antenna.

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  18. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    Ken--Very early picture. Someone can probably indentify the location by the smoke stack in the background. Also stock cars in the photo...

  19. meteor910

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    I agree with Tom - the Baldwin VO pics are old. Here are the other three BLW VO pics I have from the "Enid" negative collection.

    SLSF 60, VO-660, formerly SLSF 600

    SLSF 226, VO-1000, another two-stacker and in the original paint scheme

    SLSF 231, VO-1000, a four-stacker

    These are fun - I should have cataloged them years ago! I had forgotten about them and found them today.


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  20. friscoWyatt

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    do you guys know how many baldwin vo 600's that the frisco owned. ?

    I loved the frisco vo 1000 's especially in orange and white paint .

    how do the Baldwin vo's stack up to the F-M H12-44 switchers

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