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  1. Karl

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    The Frisco owned 2 VO-660's, 60-61, nee 600-601.

    The VO-660's produced 660 HP, weighed 198,440lbs in working order, and exerted 35,000lbs of TE @ 4.5 mph.

    The VO-1000's produced 1000 HP, weighed 238,880 lbs in working order, and exerted 52,000lbs of TE @ 4.5 mph

    The H12-44's produced 1200 HP, weighed 246,980 lbs in working order, and exerted 52,000lbs (nominal) of TE or 34,000lbs of TE continous at 10.8 mph.
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  2. meteor910

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    Building on Karl's excellent posting -

    The Baldwin VO1000 had a tough engine, the De La Vergne VO, 1000 HP, and had tough electrical components, Westinghouse. It was a real gutsy puller, and the SLSF loved them early on. Later, though, because the VO was not an EMD engine, the maintenance costs became an issue. The EMD 567 was everywhere on the Frisco - NW2, SW7, SW9, E7, E8, F3, F7, GP7, FP7, F9. All other power suffered from a lack of economy of scale, plus had some maintenance issues of their own (the ALCo 244 engine (FA, FB, RS2) was a bust).

    The FM H10-44's and H12-44's were similar - pretty good switchers, good pullers, powerful. But, the FM vertical opposed piston engine became a maintenance issue. It was different from anything else. To do any work on the lower piston system required a major teardown of the engine. The Frisco offset this by concentrating all the FM's in Oklahoma, where the maintenance expertise could be maximixed at one shop location (Tulsa).

    In the end, though, because the Baldwins and the FM's (and the ALCo's) didn't have EMD 567 engines, reliability and maintenance costs suffered because of lack of economies of scale, and the non-EMD's all went away.

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  3. pbender

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    There is mention in this thread of the cab mounted horns on the VO1000s.

    I am detailing the recent Frisco Orange and White VO1000s produced by Atlas in N-scale, and I am starting with #226. In some of the photos, I see the cab mounted horn looks like it is on some kind of bracket. What is not clear is if there is any kind of piping for the air horn from the original location like Frisco used on some other locomotives ( GP7s for example).

    Does anyone know of any cab end elevated shots of 226 in orange and white paint?

    This locomotive will also get the spark arrestors, like the prototype had, and a roof mounted rotary beacon ( though nobody makes the right one in N-scale, so it will be larger than prototypically correct).


  4. meteor910

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    FYI - One small little detail that is overlooked on most of the VO-powered VO1000 models I have seen is the small radiator cap on the center line of the headlight housing, just behind the headlight. This was removed on the EMD re-powered VO's.

  5. geep07

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    I just noticed that there where pictures of VO's with stanchions and handrails attached to the side frame/ walkway. Was this a modification done later or where they delivered as such?
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  6. Coonskin

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    Baldwin switchers: Full length handrails were a modification, I suspect. I've seen no "as built" photos of any Baldwin switcher with full length hand rails. Alco was the first mfg'er with that from-the-factory feature for switchers, I think.

    I seem to recall that the Mop was the first one I saw full length hand rails on SW's. However, even their Baldwins went to retirement with the OEM hood rails in place.

    Hopefully the VO the museum is to receive is indeed operational. If so, I will do my best to get out there on a day it's to be fired up. It's been about 46-47 years since I've been on/heard a Baldwin VO switcher, or Baldwin of any type. Would love to hear one again... oh yeah... and smell it. Loved the way their cabs smelled.

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  7. klrwhizkid

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    Andre, I would propose that, thanks to SoundTraxx, you can hear one any day. Of course, bigger speakers and more amplifier power would make a big difference...
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  8. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member


    Indeed. I have the Frisco VO you equipped with TS1, and a Bowser Executive DS-4-4-1000 that is also sound equipped with ESU. Both sound great... but it ain't the same as being there. Hope this OKC VO comes to pass.

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  9. Coonskin

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    Shame about the USAF Baldwin.

    Hopefully, the possible VO still has its De La Vergne inline 8 cylinder engine. Hard to get excited about an EMD re-powered Baldwin, for what made a Baldwin VO 1000 a Baldwin VO 1000 would be gone.

    Time will tell!

  10. Coonskin

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    Thanks Karl for the update. At least it is a surviving unit original to the Frisco.

    I would suggest the powers that be would be best served to pick an appropriate Frisco scheme and make it so. Orange or white, black and yellow... as long as its a sincere effort to be replicate the era targeted, it will all be good.

    As for the F: If it's lineage can be traced back to its original road and its appliances are conducive to such, again, would suggest replicating its original scheme. Every other railroad since leaving its original owner is actually an "also ran". However, if it's been modified (like lost its large headlight lense/reflector and the entire headlight replaced with those awful surface mounted twin sealed beam/etc), then IMHO, I wouldn't care what its painted.

    It'll all be good no matter how it goes.


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