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  1. Karl

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    I found this un-numbered tool car in weeds at Baxter Springs during the winter 74-75. It would make an interesting modeling project. Both sides of the car are identical. There is a door and screen door that opens onto the flat. The car has a stove, and notice that one truck has leaf springs.

  2. Peddling Joe

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    Don't you think this is a picture of a "flat-bunk" car assigned to many of the off track machines used in the MofW Dep't. The caterpillar crawler tractors and also the rubber tired tractor-mowers, as well as other MofW machines, usually had a flat-bunk car assigned for each machine. The bunk portion included shower tanks, shower stall, sink, pot bellied coal stove, folding table, desk and double bunk beds.
    I have some pictures somewhere that I could possibly locate. The one pictured must have been cascaded to a tool car, therefor that accounts for some of the outward appearances.

    Only one employee per car.

    These were not "Hilton Hotel" type accomodations!

    The flat portion had heavy bridge timbers for loading/unloading the machine assigned and usually a small area for storing coal.

    These were used up to and including the 1960's, maybe longer?
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    The HO Gould/Tichy kit #4022 is similar to the car Karl posted, though the cab would need modifications to add both windows and outside side bracing.

    This kit is still available.

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    Thank you for posting Karl. I love MOW equipment. I have a whole entire train dedicated to MOW. I can't wait to personalize it to the SABRR.
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    MOW tool/flat car 104404 Ft Worth TX Jan 1 1976 from DeGoyler Library SMU.
    SLSF #10404 Maintenance of Way Tool and Flat Car Degolyer Collection, SMU.jpg
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