SLSF 4304, Neat huh?

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  1. meteor910

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    FYI, here's a scan of a Union Tank Car mailer (UTLX) from a series done a few decades ago depicting Howard Fogg paintings of steam and diesel locomotives - this one of a little seen, little reproduced Fogg painting of SLSF 4304 blasting along with a "Fast Freight".

    Neat huh? I just found this in a file of pics of my former company's tank car fleet - the pics are of new t/c's my division manufacturing operation bought during my watch (really leased). I really enjoyed that assignment - over 12 years, we obtained many cars from ACFX, SHPX, and UTLX to renew the fleet.


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  2. Coonskin

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    Excellent painting. Howard Fogg? Would it be possible to attach it as a hi-res jpeg for use as wall paper?
  3. Karl

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    That one didn't make it into the Fogg book by Hill and Chione. Nice one, and not one that I've seen before.
  4. William Jackson

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    Very nice painting, never seen that one, Thanks for posting.
  5. Sirfoldalot

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    Likely, Likely!

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