SL-SF caboose 1291

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    Today we painted the black, it is still very wet in the previous image, but will dry with a little less gloss, very difficult to photograph as it seems to swallow light. The red paint will go on later this week !
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    Ya Know! Your ballast looks good!
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    Now were talking!! Whew! That looks just fabulous. Cant wait to see some reporting marks and a couple coonskin heralds on the caboose now..
    Great job Paul! As well as the other folks working on this project too.
  7. paul slavens

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    Sometimes things do not go as planned and you just have to deal with the outcome. Case in point is the red color of our caboose 1291. I can say that color samples on a one inch square are not accurate for representing the outcome on a large scale. I chose a red paint that I felt like copied the freight car caboose color on a sample, and it looked good in a can with the lid off, looked right. when I painted a test area it looked intensely red, so I added some yellow and this is the result, the top image is 1291, the lower image is 1206 in 1972. Not freight car red as I intended, but very close to the caboose red color worn by some Frisco cabooses, so we will just have to live with it. The sun and time will fade it to a more favorable shade of reddish orange. After the color went on, it really bothered me for a couple hours, I did not know if I could accept it. After some time to think about it and some reasoning, I have decided to love it as it is. It will be okay and when she is finished and detailed out it will be fantastic.
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    I think it looks just fine Paul, with the sun in a different position, not so sure it isn't spot on.
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    That sort of red is so can look at it from both ends, it looks fine then look at straight on, it looks different...once the white lettering is on it will cut down brightness of the red, probably why Frisco went to the R/W scheme in 1976...personally I think its correct but I was too young to notice a freshly painted red caboose....Roger

    PS-are you aware of the 1289 at Two Harbors, MN.???

    PSS-I can confirm the 1279/11607/12517 is in Denver...
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    Paul, it looks great. Like the others I think the lettering will tone it down. Plus after this many years of thinking about the colors I bet you would second guess any color you laid on it. If it's easier I will come out and weather it for you? LOL. A little acrylic fade and some rust streaks and nobody will notice the shade of red. Ha
    Great job seriously, be proud of what you have there!!
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    Roger is there any chance to get pictures?
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    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, it makes it lot better, and I am liking the caboose a lot more now that I have all the tape pulled off and she is basking in the sun. Roger I knew about 1279 inDenver, and had heard of the 1289 but have never seen pics of 1289 after service, and would enjoy seeing any pics that anybody may know of. I am going to let 1291 sit outside for a few days and cure a bit, and then she is going back in the shed for a few weeks until I am fired up about working on her again. We pushed hard on this project since March and I am pretty happy to see the paint on her now ! She looks awesome, I am glad we spent so much time prepping her because it has really paid off. Will add some images of the 2 window side when the sun is right.
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    Love it!
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    You are to be congratulated on your perserverance and workmanship on this project. I'll give you a great big atta boy! Larry F.
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    Thank you Larry. I will gladly accept that "atta boy" from my fellow Frisco friends. It feels good to have the color on, it is of course a major milestone and I am going to exhale now and relax on the project for a few weeks, then come back in October to apply the graphics and glass.....Also the step colors are not quite right, going to change that too. Fun stuff.
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    Looking GOOD!
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    When will you apply the decals, Paul?

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