S.A. & A.P. 30' Flat Cars

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    Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a winner! You win a cookie! Very well said!
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    Manny -
    While I've never judged a contest, this sure looks like contest-quality modeling to me.

    And, for the part of me that loves to try something as long as I have a good "How To" article that's rich with illustrations, your series gives me courage to finally start a few ambitious rolling stock projects. Keep up the great work.

    Best Regards,

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    Chris, et all,

    This car is only my fourth craftsman car kit I have ever built in my life. Each time I put knife to wood, glue to part, file to metal, or thought to reality, it's a learning experience and each time it gets easier and easier. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to tell the spirit of fear, which prevents you from taking that first step, to take a walk, hit the road, don't come back, and press forward. You won't know until you try. You have to be willing to accept failure. I went through two flat car kits before 550 came alive and even that one isn't anywhere near like 504, 522, and now 501. You get better with each attempt. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Open your mind to different ideas. Research techniques. I cannot tell you how difficult is was for me to go to Hobby Lobby and buy Americana Acrylic paints, when I was so stuck in conventional thinking of Polly S, Scale Coat, Tamiya, Testors, blah, blah, blah.

    If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! Jump right in and try. Enjoy the hobby for what it is. Tap into your little kid inside you and go for gold. You can do it, and I'm here to help no matter how I can.

    Thank you for the compliments. Thank you for the support. I'm glad this write up is helping at least one person. That makes it PRICELESS!


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    501 construction is finished! The truss rods are installed and the NBW's are all in place.

    There is really no way I can explain how to do the truss rods. I take a piece of 0.010 PB and I lay it across the Queenposts. I trim it so that the ends are just inside the inside edge of the bolsters. I turn the end so that it forms a tab and put it in the hole that I drilled earlier. I then fit the wire into the QP seat and I put my finger over it, and gently bend the wire over the QP so that it is now parallel with the car body. I do the same with the other side. Then it is a measurement from the last QP to determine the line before you have to bend another tab.

    It took me much longer this time to do the truss rods that normal. I don't know why. It just did, but they are done. After that I added the NBW's and the stirrups. The car is completed.

    Now it is time to paint. I will let the car sit for awhile, then I will start by painting the deck. The deck will be done in the DRGW Cream, but the new planks will be done in raw pine. They will be weathered lightly after the main body is painted.

    Here are the pics...


    Here is S.A. & A.P. 501 sitting on her trucks...

    DSCN1227.JPG DSCN1228.JPG DSCN1229.JPG

    Thanks again! Paint shop is next.


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    Crap! I forgot the stake pockets. LOL...BRB...

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    LOL...Stake pockets...

    DSCN1230.JPG DSCN1231.JPG

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    The decking received its paint tonight. The main decking is DRG Cream. The replacement boards are raw pine. Tomorrow, I will paint the main body, Boxcar Red. Once completely painted, she'll receive her markings. Once the markings have had a chance to dry and settle, the car will be weathered. The cream decking will be worn and stained, with the new boards barely touched. It will look great, as if just out of the repair track at the local facility.

    Here is a pic of the decking...


    That will be all for tonight. The paint needs to dry so it can be masked in the morning.

    In case anyone was curious, I paint the decking first and mask because Boxcar Red is a very difficult color to paint over. It is easier to mask.

    Thank you everyone who viewed and commented. I hope you are enjoying the build.

    Good night and Happy 4th!

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    That is mighty fine work right there. There's just something about the early era rolling stock that appeals to me. It's all the wood and big exposed bolts and rugged look to the freight cars of the turn of the century. Another fine project Manny. I can't wait to see a completed scene from your bag of skills!

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    LOL. Neither can I Jim. It's one thing to have a few flat cars here or there, or a few box cars over and about. I need to get bench work built and the pike started. With my lease up in 6 months, I am trying to secure it again so I don't have to pack and leave and set up again. Oh well, that's another story unrelated. Trains are coming, that is for sure!
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    When you retire and get some Free Time on your hands I might hire you to build me a G scale flat car with a working handbrake no less! Of course I would pay you! You are in luck since child labor laws are in effect! I would like a vintage Mack truck with chain drive as a load. I love those trucks. In an old Larry Seman silent Mack Sennet flick there is one coming down a hill and you can see the chain drive in motion. Really Cool! What about vehicles on the SA&AP?

    Joe Toth
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    Something like this, Joe?
  13. Joseph Toth

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    Hey Mac...I mean Manny,

    Right on! I think I was born out of season? Of course I wouldda been a boomer. I wouldda hired out of the Colorado Midland and when it shut down wouldda returned to Texas and got a job braking for the Frisco, probably Ft. Worth.

    Love those Mack trucks! The G scale Mack switcher manufactured in the USA by Hartland Locomotive Works has been produced in HO as well though forget by whom. I seem to remember it advertised as a white metal unpowered kit. The Mack and the EMD Model 40 are considered critters I guess?

    I'm almost tempted to paint my forthcoming HLW Mack in a freelance red and white Checkerboard Square scheme to switch the feed mill. When it interchanges with the Frisco I want to make sure them boys see me coming. I just hope they don't call me "Cute!" Item: There are still vintage diesel switchers toiling away on industries all over the US. Wonder if any worked the Frisco and on into the BN era?

    Got any more neat vehicles that you might show us at a later date? Thanks for this one. It made my (Birth) day!

    Joe Toth
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    Happy birthday Joe!
  15. Joseph Toth

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    Thanks for the B-Day thing. 66 and still got a big mouth. Trying my best to tame it though! What a neat truck! One reason why I like to watch The Waltons. All those neat vehicles and all are running...most of the time at least!

    Joe Toth

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    Back on target with the flat cars. 501 is fully painted with decals. I now have to wait for the Solvaset to cure before I can add the digit "1" to the 50. The "1" is a dry transfer, whereas all other numbers are decals. Once the DT is added, then the car will be weathered, and dull coated.
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    From start to finish, a well presented thread. My congratulations. Nown let's see the pics.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Here are pics of S.A. & A.P. 501 in her livery markings. The decals must dry tonight. Tomorrow I will weather it, as the deck with the mix of cream and natural pine are just screaming "Ahhhhhhhh" right now. Way too bright! By tomorrow afternoon, she'll be finished.

    The car was painted Boxcar Red using Polly S Acrylic paints. I shoot it with my Paasche VL Double Action airbrush at 27 psi. Even thinned the paint takes that much to be pushed. Once the paint is dry, I then give the sides two quick shots of Testor's Gloss Cote, for the purpose of decals.

    When the DC is dry, I add the trucks. I only use Kadee's. I find they track the best. These cars are equipped with Kadee 501 Arch Bar's. The couplers were also installed using Kadee No. 148 Whiskers.

    Tomorrow, she'll get a light to medium weathering job, then Dull Cote. 501 has been a blast to build. She'll soon see revenue service who knows where...



    DSCN1235.JPG DSCN1236.JPG

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    Finis! Today, I weathered the car with earth tones rather than oily tones, to imply that the flat car has seen work around farms, or saw mills. The deck has a pleasant muddy, wood to wood scraping, and mossy/mildew affect. Hence the need for the recently replaced boards not yet even painted by the repair crews.

    The frame and trucks the like were lightly weathered, implying the same. More dust and mud than anything. 501 is a handsome car. I feel that the replacement board attempt came out great! Now to add a few bent spikes into the desk for added realism and what-not's.

    Here she is...


  20. Joseph Toth

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    Man O Man, Manny!

    You have rolled out Contest Winning Material!

    Will the spikes be rusty and mabie one or two bent for added detail? I will make sure to wear my workboots and they will have the added steel toe safety measure...to boot!

    Do I see a Large Scale flat car coming down the line...Just For FUN of course! My Hartland Mack would sure be proud to pull her!

    Joe Toth

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