S.A. & A.P. 30' Flat Cars

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    I put another coat of Solvaset on about an hour ago, as one or two decals needed a little extra. I'll be working on the weathering later this afternoon, early evening. In the interim, I'm working on the new Fredericksburg Jct depot building. New and improved, with tons of details. I'll post up more in that thread.

  2. renapper

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    Where are those articles for The Meteor you promised me?

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    I thought I PM'd you regarding instructions and format so that I do the articles properly. Did I not do that? Please forward me that information so I can get you an article on how to do the LaBelle flat cars. Then I'll do the AMB depot kit.

    Sorry for any confusion.

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    I just posted instructions on Jim James thread above Ctreating Meteor Articles.
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    Very nicely done, sir. I'll echo Bill's thoughts; the truss rods do look great. This makes for a very nice detail on rolling stock that those of us modeling later eras don't get to enjoy!

    This thread is a great work-in-progress thread, and one that I'll probably refer back to quite often.

    Best Regards,
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    My list of "must haves" just grew! I just gotta have a flatty.

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    Coming to the Zalma Branch near you...

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    Thanks Y'all for the compliments. I will be detailing Flat 522 this afternoon. Hopefully I do the video correctly for y'all.
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    Great work Manny,
    Looking forward to the video :)
    Tom Holley

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    I just did the weathering and video. I'm uploading the video right now and will put it together and post shortly.

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    Here is the video on how to weather (my preference) a railroad car. This is meant only as a guide. It is not the only way to do it. It is what I have experience with. I have yet to branch out into chalks and pastels. I hope this turned out okay. Enjoy!
    Video is 20 minutes long.

    Weathering S.A. & A.P. Flat Car 522

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    S.A. & A.P. 522 is finished. After the video I added the brake wheel, painted, and weathered. She's road ready. Onto the next: another S.A. & A.P. flat, and a true Frisco road: 36' Orange & Northwestern R.R. flat.

    Here we go!



    Sisters' 504 & 522

    DSCN1143.JPG DSCN1144.JPG
  13. William Jackson

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    Manny, the cars look really nice. I didn't know, is the decks real wood, or? One thing, you take far better photos than movies. Course even Clint Eastwood started somewhere. The play by play was still very good.
    William Jackson

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    Hey William,

    LOL...Yeah, I know. I do take good videos, but that was done through my digital camera. I should have put a marker down where the camera was focused, but I messed up a little. I will get a better camera soon since that one is on its way out. It is having difficulties focusing.

    The car is completely wood. Only the brake rigging and brake wheel assembly is plastic. The truss rods are Phosphorus Bronze, and the bolsters are white metal. The decking is all wood. That is why is works so well with the weathering agents. On plastic, I'm sure that washes will work, along with chalks and pastels.

    Was the movie that bad that you couldn't get the gist?

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    Aw, c'mon. What does Clint Eastwood have that I don't? Okay, maybe a little Good, Bad, and the Ugly music, and the sinus' could be spared but it's not that bad.
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    Hey Manny its all good:DI was going to ask how that stuff worked on plastic. You ever tried air brushing it on plastic, or resin? I have a resin loading dock I would like to weather and make look old.
    But your cars look great
    Tom Holley|-||-|

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    Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the compliments. As for Dr. Ben's stuff, I've heard from him that it has been airbrushed before. I haven't tried it on plastic yet, but I will look into it and get back to you on it.

  18. renapper

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    I enjoyed the video and your technique. Would you please list your weathering stains, and where you can purchase them?

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    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for the compliments Richard. I'll do a much better video next time. I can only get better at it. Do you know if anything like this will be done at the Convention in September? I will start working on the Meteor Article later today.

    As for the stains, absolutely! The name of the company is DebenLLC. The proprietors are Richard and Debbie Bendever. Their web site is: DebenLLC. I set that up as a link and you can save it to your favorites. Here are pictures off his web site of the stains and weathering pigments that I use(d). For best pricing, order directly through them. Please let them know that Manny in San Antonio referred you.


    Used on the S.A. & A.P. cars:

    DBZ1181.jpg DBZ1161.jpg

    Other DebenLLC pigments, stains, washes that I have:

    DBZ1079.jpg DBZ1078.jpg DBZ1077.jpg
  20. William Jackson

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    Hay Manny, yes I got the gist! I have tried to shoot videos before with a handheld. I don't think it's possible. Just a little raz, believe me I apriciate your effort. I wouldn't be able to even hold the camera for 20 minutes. I do take better photos than videos.
    William Jackson

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