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Discussion in 'Divisions' started by Rick McClellan, Jul 15, 2008.

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    It's fun watching your progress and it's great that you are a picture fanatic. We can all share in your effort vicariously that way!


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    Please note that Rick's pictures of the benchwork under Nichols Jct do not show the cantilever bracing added after the pictures were taken. Perhaps we can get Rick to take a couple more pictures.

    The area of the bend between Lamar and the yet unnamed point between Lamar and Nichols is also a neat benchwork engineering job.

    Rick and I need to keep documenting our techniques because it can be very helpful to others facing some possible challenges.

    Believe it or not, most of the time, our solutions are determined by simply holding up pieces of wood against the wall and/or the existing benchwork and seeing how to make it work. In the case of the span between the hole in the wall west of SY and the central part, we used two 1x6s and simply placed a ledger board at the hole on which to rest the 1x6s and then held the other end against the basic box we had already hung for the central part of SY to determine the fit. Once we had the basic shape, we determined the length of the cross pieces by simply measuring between the two 1x6s at two foot intervals.
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    I believe that I had the privilege of operating the first south local to work Lamar last night. The layout is coming along quite nicely - I can't wait for a chance to switch Springfield!
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    Hey I can't wait either. This job search thing is really getting in the way of my modeling.

    BTW you were the first southbound local on the Ash Grove Sub.
  5. Rick McClellan

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    Keith came over Tuesday night and more benchwork was completed.

    The first photo shows the west end of SY looking each with additional benchwork added at the far end. It's hard to see the new sections added from this angle so I moved halfway down for the next shot.

    The second photo is mid yard looking east. You will note that the corner section of benchwork by the breaker panel is open. We intentionally left this open for a drop-in section of benchwork toallow access to the breaker panel. The section of benchwork to the right is the approximate location of Broadway St. and the Busch elevator. The SY office/tower will be at the end of the existing benchwork on the left.

    The third photo shows the benchwork that will include Broadway St and the Busch elevator looking west. Looks like I need to get in there with my roller and some paint.

    The final photo shows SY from the east end (about where the yard office will be located) looking west. It's difficult to show the length of the yard in these photos but this is a valiant attempt.

    Work will resume after this weekend.

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    Wow Rick. That is one huge model railroad. I love watching the progress. Good job man! Keep up the good work.
  7. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    Moment of Discovery . . . .

    I have been struggling with my five foot straightedge to get straight lines for the Springfield Yard long tracks. At 4 am this morning I had a dream that I got my Black and Decker laser out and laid it flat on the layout. Normally this laser is hung on the wall to align pictures. I just tried it (not in dream mode) and it works great. I will have to dim the lights some to see the red line.

    Problem solved.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Gotta love those moments of pure genius that come at 3 or 4 AM in the morning! Good deal! :D

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    As an engineer, I can't help making the observation that your benchwork should be called "semi-cantilever." A true cantilever has all support through the main structure with no additional supports, such as using an "L" brace.

    I'm not a purist with rivets, but we all have our moments of insanity.

    Ken McElreath
  10. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    For quite a while I called this approach "knee bracing" until I heard someone (wish I could remember who) call it "cantilever bracing." I thought that was more impressive than "knee bracing" so I ran with it and didn't check it out. Ken's post made me look it up and the bracing used on my layout is better described as "knee bracing." Check out what Builder Bill sez,


    I have never met Builder Bill but I am sure he knows more about construction than I do. Other Internet sites seem to support the terminology by Mr. Bill. My education was in Accounting and Marketing.
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    Here are a couple of pictures from an operating session on Rick's Northern Division during the 2016 N Scale convention in Kansas City on July 1. Our own Pat Hiatte (friscoot) is working SY yard and modeling an operating apron that I gave to him. It sports a Frisco Herald thanks to my wife and her high-tech sewing computer.

    IMG_1112.JPG IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1141.JPG
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    I decided to add some pictures taken as we expanded Rick's benchwork beyond Edward Jct towards Nichols Jct. These pre-date the pictures in Rick's #1 post above.

    The first picture shows the staging at the end of the layout in March 2009 just beyond Edward Jct.
    03-21-2009 Springfield - Tulsa Staging.jpg

    Reconstruction of Edward Jct, December 30, 2009
    12-30-09 Northern Division -  Edward Jct Turnouts.JPG

    Keith Robinson working on support for Lamar, Mo benchwork, December 30, 2009.
    12-30-09 Northern Division - Keith Robinson Working on Lamar Mo.JPG

    Upper benchwork for Lamar, Mo, lower benchwork Tulsa staging from KC southbound.
    12-30-09 Northern Division - Tulsa Staging Under Lamar Mo.JPG

    Edward Jct to left, Roadbed downward to Tulsa Staging, beginning of upper benchwork toward Lamar, right.
    12-30-09 Northern Division - Edward KS to Lamar Mo Aisle.JPG

    Extension of Tulsa staging around wall. Above it will be a continuation of benchwork for Ash Grove Sub from Lamar to Nichols Jct.
    12-30-09 Northern Division - Tulsa Staging.JPG
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    Gunna be nice Keith!

  14. klrwhizkid

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    Actually, Ken, that area has been operational for just under seven years and Ricks's layout continues another approximately 200 feet, with still more to go to get to Newburg.
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    Rick, what are the dimensions of your layout and would you post some photos of your layout?

  16. klrwhizkid

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    Joe, there were many threads/posts by Rick. (they are now merged into this thread) Also click on the Media link above and search Media for posts by Rick McClellan or me. It has changed a lot since most of the photos as Rick has added scenery, buildings and more benchwork.

    Attached is a drawn plan for his layout.
    Layout Plan 2.JPG
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    Rick and Keith, that's a huge layout!!! How many feet of mainline does it have? I will do a search to find photos of the layout. I see you used lot of wood, a whole forest of trees, to build the layout.

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    On to Newburg!

  19. klrwhizkid

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    About 4000 sq ft of space minus the crew lounge and workroom. Most all of the framing and benchwork is 3/4" birch plywood 7 or more ply with same sheets for yards and sub-roadbed . Currently the railroad is about 870 linear feet from the 12th St Viaduct at 19th St yard to St Louis Staging.
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    Thanks for the update, Keith - seems that things continue to move on and up for a fabulous piece of prototype modeling. Be sure to let Rick know that, for us Mizzou folk, model railroading is a very welcome escape during the basketball season these days.

    One question: how thick is that plywood? I'm finding, in retrospect, the pitfalls of using too-thin plywood for my subroadbed.

    I'm also impressed that there's a plate of sweets where the cookie seems to be present in two photos. I'm afraid that it wouldn't last that long in my workshop.

    Best Regards,

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