out of paint shop and put in service at Lindenwood

Discussion in 'FMIG Lines: Layouts' started by geep07, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. geep07

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    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. Coonskin

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    Yay for you!

    (It's always a good feeling to get an engine through the paint process!)

  3. Looks great John!
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  4. Sirfoldalot

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    Whoo Boy- --
  5. Bob

    Bob Member

    Does anyone know where I can get the proper lettering AND numbers for the Frisco black and yellow engines?
    I can find the Frisco name on some decals from Micro-scale, but just can't find the numbers.
  6. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Nice work John!! Are those Atlas locos?

    Bob. If you are asking about hood units, and not Cab units, here ya go. I don't know about F units.

    Google is your friend here, and if you look on ebay search for Frisco decals you will see a bunch of them. Mask Island and others made them too.
  7. rjthomas909

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    Those look great!
  8. dwoomer

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    Nice job!
  9. meteor910

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    Get Microscale decal set (HO) 87-85. That has most all of the Frisco b/y decal names and numbers you would want for b/y locomotives. But, no stripes.

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  10. My dad just received some from the K4 seller on eBay. They look nice. I will try to get some on a unit soon for a review. They are about the same color as Mask Island or old Oddball units. Not the dark yellow like Microscale.
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  11. geep07

    geep07 Member

    They are undecorated LifeLike Proto 2000 models.
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  12. Bob

    Bob Member

    Just got a QA&P set of decals from K4, they are basically what I was looking for.
    I will go back for more from this guy.

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