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  1. WindsorSpring

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    Mike Kelly made it clear in some conversations we had that he took the word "Around" in the title very seriously. I am fairly sure that led him to turn down some very good quality contributions from the big metropolitan areas like St. Louis and Kansas City. He published a similar book, Rails Around Michigan, a couple years ago.

  2. frisco4301

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    Wow!! Very nicely done!!
  3. klrwhizkid

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    Mike, thanks for a great book! I have been showing my copy to my railfan friends here in KC and I think I have generated quite a few sales for you. Everyone here loves it.
  4. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    I don't suppose there's any old river division steam era photos. Zalma branch, Brownwood?
  5. klrwhizkid

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    There are River Division photos, but unfortunately not what you are looking for, Jim.
  6. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Drats! Still sounds like a book worth buying.
  7. atsf101

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    It is! But then I am biased :) I would have gladly included River Division steam shots had someone offered them for me to use. Sadly no one did.
  8. Karl

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    Finally got off my butt, and ordered a copy, which arrived today. A very nice look at my home state and its railroads, and especially the Frisco. It's nice to see the Frisco depicted in locations, which have not found their way into the previous literature. A few of the Frisco captions need a touch-up, but regardless, the book belongs in every Frisco fan's library.
  9. gbmott

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    There is an interesting photograph of the Meteor on pg. 119 by Joe Collias around Pacific, Mo. What is interesting is that the consist is being hauled backwards as the leading car is the obs/diner/lounge followed by a Pullman. The only date given is mid-50's. Had there been a derailment or washout or something so that 9 and 10 went as far as they could, transferred the passengers between them and then reversed back? Something was obviously going on and it would be nice to know what.

  10. gstout

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    Believe it was a derailment. I have seen that photograph published elsewhere and the accompanying caption mentioned a derailment along the line. I will try to put my hands on that particular reference and post it here.

  11. gstout

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    Got it (see previous post). I bought this slide as part of set #W-148 from Al Chione. The accompanying caption reads: "Pensive (two E8As) with the METEOR in tow (being pulled backward due to a derailment near Rolla, MO), near Kirkwood, MO, on 1-23-59."

    Greg Stout
  12. gbmott

    gbmott Member

    Thanks Greg -- that makes a lot more sense than just saying "Kirkwood Hill (a MoPac term that I don't usually associate with the Frisco) in the mid'50's". Not that it is the only caption error, for example on pg. 147 where 2007 is identified as leading "southbound #807" when it is clearly displaying white flags and, from the cleanliness of the locomotive and of the first car being a coach would make it seem pretty likely that we are dealing with a special train. Oh well, Chione was also slightly off as the second unit is an E-7!
  13. meteor910

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    Good eyes Gordon, as usual! I was looking at that pic in the Missouri book after your and Greg's initial posting and completely missed that the trailing unit was an E7. I revised the caption in my copy!

  14. dricketts

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    Wow! I just got my copy today. It's been hard to put it down over the last three hours and I only got about half way through it. It's so rewarding to recognize some of the same spots I've photographed over the years. The book does a great job setting up each photo also.

    A great asset for anyone familiar with Missouri.

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