New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

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    Greg, what if the ones that took print pictures still have the negatives for all their prints?
  2. renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013)

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    I'm just asking what about jpeg or tiff files from the new digital camera's of today? are they usable?
  3. Coonskin

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    Only if they have original pictures of the Frisco in them. :D


    Speaking of long-gone railroads that still have significant followings...

    Two of my favorite Colorado roads that are waaay long gone:

    The Colorado Midland - Abandoned in 1921
    The Denver South Park & Pacific - Technically gone by 1889.

    Then there's the RGS, the D&RG...

    As for interest in Ozarks roads... consider any of them that were alive and kicking in the 1880-1910* range to be one of my favorites!

    * Honorary Exception: The Black Mountain & Eastern, which began somewhere around 1912-1913.

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    Going to order my FIC V2 soon. been on held-away long enough to buy several:mad:
    After I-70 was built the RR was moved to the East side, of South Canyon just West of Glenwood Springs. We run on the old Colorado Midland grade to Chacra where we cross the Col RV and rejoin the D&RGW grade.
    Tom Holley
  5. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I have looked several times, I still can't find the Frisco and Mopac cabooses together. Where?
    One of the prizes of when I worked in Denver was a lithograph of Clear Creek Conyon, with a C&S steam engine
    In the photo. It was a Depot picture. Also I have a C&S depot bench. How do I know that?
    Because I took it out of the Chugwater section house.
    Bill Jackson
  6. gstout

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    Frisco and MP cabooses are together in the photo at the bottom of page 18. Color negatives don't work either. You need transparencies or black & white negatives for sharp reproduction. As far as builder photos are concerned, yes, they would possibly make a good book, but who holds the rights?

  7. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Ok found it, the caption says plain, that is right. I looked right at it and didn't notice it was a Mopac caboose.
    Bill Jackson
  8. FriscoCharlie

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    Good question. Are there enough of these materials readily available and of the quality that a book could be made of them? If so, we could certainly find out. :)
  9. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    That's JUST what Greg Stout went through getting this book together. I'm sure there are enough slides in existence to have a half dozen Frisco books! There are all kinds of slides "out there" with people having bought, sold and resold slides and pretending to have copyrights on them just because they duplicated them and sold them in the RR magazines. I've bought hundreds of slides from those dealers and I'm skeptical that they actually "own" the slides, but the book publisher can't use them if they say "copyright."

  10. meteor910

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  11. gjslsffan

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    I dont know if any of you have noticed this photo album;
    Brian as Frisco Bob might remember is a rather prolific photographer, he has many thousands of slides, a real pro at photography, without actually being a pro, if you know what I mean. The guy has a natural eye for it.
    I have had a long visit with him, and he told me he had at least 300 SLSF slides that are mostly not on Frisco "proper" territory. I asked and he has agreed to dig his SLSF negatives out for consideration.
    Brian has had many of his photos published in several Canadian Railroad hardcover books. He has photographed RR's all over North America and has quite an extensive, mostly unknown collection of negatives.
    Tom Holley
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  12. Rancho Bob

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    Greg.....non forum members Bill White and Tony Fey of KC say hello with a big thumbs up on the book! Same for me.

    Rancho Bob
  13. gstout

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    Re: New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

    To Tom, let's hope the rest of his 300 photos are 1:1 scale (though the models look great). To Rancho Bob, I have spoken with Bill previously, and in fact, he helped me out with an earlier project (he might not remember). Don't know Tony, but my thanks to all of you for your kind notice.

  14. gjslsffan

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    Re: New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

    Yes Sir, they are 1:1:)
    Tom Holley
  15. pensive

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    I just received my Frisco In Color, Volume 2 and would like to add my congradulations to Greg Stout on the production of his fine book. It's kind of neat that he only used pictures taken before the merger which must have presented a challenge.

    On the bottom of page 85 is a picture of the Springfield yards in 1968. There's a yellow flat car with tread plates on the ends, which makes me think this is an early TOFC. Anybody know what number series this is in?


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