New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

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  1. Coonskin

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    Me too! Me too!

    Just received my copy. Already spent some Throne Room time with it...

    Good stuff!

    Lovin' dem FA's!!!!

  2. meteor910

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    It is again very nice to see members listed in Greg's Acknowledgements on p2.

  3. William Jackson

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    Andre, too much information. The Scotch sounds good though.
    Bill Jackson
  4. FriscoCharlie

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    So, one copy is flagged in the system already.

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    Funny, Funny, Charlie. :D:D:D
  6. klrwhizkid

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    Greg, dittos! There just aren't enough superlatives available and I don't know that many in any foreign languages...
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  7. Oldguy

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    Just got mine in the mail as well. Very well done!
  8. TAG1014

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    Re: New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

    Included with all the other neat things in the FIC-V2 book, are a lot of (modeler) ideas showing the "Frisco Way" of doing things. One thing that stood out to me and I never had seen was the use of a single road freight diesel switching on a local freight (Single FA switching at Ardmore). Also there's a shot of a freight with both Frisco and a Mopac cabooses on the tail end. And if you like black and yellow Frisco road diesels and geeps, you're in for a treat.

  9. gstout

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    Re: New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

    For those who have purchased the book and had complimentary things to say, I thank you. For those who may acquire a copy in the future, I think you will enjoy it. I also want to again express my appreciation to those who helped out by way of editorial assistance or photo contributions. Without their help, this would not have gotten done. I especially hope that this book will throw a spotlight on the extensive photographic work of the late Frank Tribbey, and to his friend (and mine) Daryl McGee, who is also working with MSB to showcase Frank's work. Finally, in response to one individual who asked (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) when we can look forward to a Volume 3, the answer is, as soon as we can gather enough slides to fill it out. I have to believe there are enough images "out there somewhere" to create additional volumes almost in perpetuity. The problem is, very few people seem willing to contribute, perhaps assuming they will never see their slides ever again. However, if you have a favorite road and are wondering why there never seems to be a new book written about it, the answer may be as near as your own slide collection. In addition, and on a purely psychic-satisfaction level, the next best thing to having your book published is having your photos published. Nobody is out there any longer taking pictures of the Frisco, MoPac, Katy, Rock Island, etc., so if you want to see another book, regardless of who writes it, it has to start with your photos.

  10. TAG1014

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    Re: New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

    Greg (Or anyone)--Who knows why there would have been a Frisco and MP caboose on the same train? I think that photo was quite a while before the freight train pooling...

  11. meteor910

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    Re: New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

    I have about ten trays of Frisco diesel slides. Problem is ..... almost none of them are mine.

  12. frisco4301

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    Re: New Book "Frisco in Color, Vol.2"

    Greg makes a good point! There have to be more wonderful images out there. I was one of the contributors to Greg's latest work. I was hesitant at first but after conversation with both Tom Galbraith and Greg, I felt comfortable to make available a number of slides, several of which were printed. The project, from my end, went witout a hitch. If Greg, or another established author, wishes to take on the endeavor of putting a collaboration of images together for the enjoyment of others, I would recommend those of us lucky enough to have some interesting slides/negatives, make them available. By the way, great job on Frisco In Color, Vol. 2. Jeff Cooney
  13. FriscoCharlie

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    I think if there are going to be more books, they will have to come soon. Just think, people born the year the Frisco ended are now 32 years old. How many people that never saw it will be interested?

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  14. meteor910

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    It is amazing to me that it was 32 years ago now! Wow! Time goes quickly.

  15. Karl

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    One never knows...the RGS and C&S ng still have active followers (including me).

    Caboose Hobbies just shipped my copy, and I am looking forward to its arrival. How is the passenger coverage?
  16. TAG1014

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    Karl--I'd say the passenger coverage is great and as a rabid passenger train fanatic, I'm very satisfied! As for the Frisco having been gone for 32 years--It doesn't seem to bother anybody on this chat group...


    PS: When everyone receives their copy of FIC V2, maybe we can have a discussion and Q&A session. Kind of a "book club" meeting...
  17. Larry F.

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    Kudos to Greg Stout-a really interesting and informative book! I got my copy from Doc's Caboose (support your local hobby shop) yesterday and I'm purely delighted. I've always had a penchant for covered wagons so this book is a godsend. My other big fondness is a highnose U25B and that shot of the U.P. U25B in a Frisco consist is priceless. Congratulations Mr. Stout and thank you. Larry F.
  18. renapper

    renapper Passed away March 8, 2013

    I hve many pictures of the Frisco but my problem is I never have taken slides, I always took color prints, so because of that, are you telling me my pictures cannot be used?
  19. gstout

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    Sadly, that is exactly correct. Like Rich I took color prints when I began photographing trains (in Lawrence, Kansas, in 1969), primarily because I was a starving college student who didn't have a slide projector and therefore no use for slides. Unfortunately, years later, that turned out to have been the wrong approach. Color prints simply do not reproduce well. They look murky and soft-focused. Black-and-white is another story. It is possible to pull a copy negative and go to print with virtually no loss of resolution. Using color prints (or even the negatives) in a book would yield a product that no one would want to buy.

  20. FriscoCharlie

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    That's a shame.

    Here's a question: How many of these builder's photos are out there? Looks like a lot for sale on eBay. Seems like that would make a nice book.
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