GSC Drop Deck Flat #3900 build and parts links

Discussion in 'General' started by gjslsffan, Sep 7, 2019.

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    OK, so I have spent about 3 months helping a young fellow develop this car (3D print), I gotta say every day I am here/ alive, I seem to get further behind on a progress scale.
    Today I got primer on the parts, to bring this project to a hopeful desired conclusion.
    You have probably/maybe/hopefully followed another post on the design of this 3D print.
    I am transitioning to a build thread. First of all. Shapeways was maybe inspired, also motivated with my data inspired complaints about warping, another car has been offered at no cost., with the caption,"we want to get this right". As they have every image and copied post thus far.
    Anyways, here are a few images of the project. The plastic printed car will need a load unless it is a static display.
    First up is the transformer, it is cored (as purchased) and has lead weights added (4.5oz). An old bottle of Floquil Zinc Chromate Primer was used for the Transformer (Grey) and trucks (Black). I did modify the lifting lugs on the transformer to use DA 1102. I am in contact with the designer to modify his print, as the lift type lugs, as designed seemed in-adequate.


    The other side. 20190906_215151.jpg

    The trucks, other one was way out of focus, also in primer.

    The car primed with Tamiya White primer, the car will be painted with Model Master Insignia Yellow, a flat color for coverage and a generous coat of gloss later for decals. All the images I could find, and there are VERY few shows the lumber on the ends to be painted Yellow, meaning they were in-place before the Frisco shops painted the car. These cars were home built, from GSC (General Steel Castings) kits.

    Left the stem winder staffs long on both ends, till the end.
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  2. Coonskin

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    Looking good, Tom.

    You sure have some interesting stuff running about your layout.

  3. patrick flory

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    Prototype photo?
  4. gjslsffan

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  6. gjslsffan

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    Finally got some weathering done to this car, loaded-er up with a transformer and into service it goes. Used GE loco decals cut and diced to jazz up the load. Made the tie down clevises out of .040x.040 square stock with .015x.060 sides drilled out to .025 for the pins and .019 brass rod, to the 4 corners. Anyways this brings this a bit closer to conclusion.
    Frisco SW7 #300 takes the SL-SF 3900 to an out bound train. It ran great all evening.

    opposite side of car view.

    Thanks for taking a look!

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  7. Jim James

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    Another museum quality model. Beautiful job from stem to stern.
  8. Man, that really looks good Tom. She is quite a belly dragger isn't she? How did the printed trucks work out? In the 1:1 world is it regulated where in a train a load like that is positioned? Or is it just mixed with the other rolling stock?

    great work as always,Steve
  9. klrwhizkid

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    Tom, that is one fantastic looking model! Great work as always expected from the Grand Junction Shops.
  10. gjslsffan

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    Thanks guys for all the comments!
    Jim, thanks. You making any progress on your narrow gauge outfit?
    After a design change the trucks work really good. You may have to do some drilling, tapping and clearancing but the mods he made made the trucks much stronger.
    As far as placement restrictions, there could be different ones over the years.
    Like, this would be considered a shiftable load, and not placed next to hazmat cars.
    If the car is excess height or width and there are instructions to walk the car through close clearance places, it could be placed close to the head end. I have had these type loads scattered through a train.
    But it really depends on the era, territory and RR you are modeling.
    Thanks Keith!
    I have parts for another car and load.
  11. meteor910

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    Nice job Tom! It was fun watching you develop it into a real nice looking model.
    Where is the b/y NW2? Still running?
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  12. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Ken,
    The NW2 is tied up just outside the image to the left. :)
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  13. Thanks for the info Tom.

    Great model!
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  14. klrwhizkid

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    Tom, thanks for thinking so highly of me! LOL!
  15. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Well Keith,
    The set of trucks I have are from the first print before my suggested mods were made, they are too flexible at the bolster. So, I guess I dont have enough parts LMAO.
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  16. gjslsffan

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    I am gonna have a set of 3 axle GSC trucks available for the SL-SF 3900, if you are considering building one of these cars. I will have them painted black (scalecoat) and all those little numbers on the axles (R123-456, L123-456) in a couple weeks, also will have the NWSL 30" wheels included. Trucks will be tuned, for free rolling,and assembled. Also trying to get this old ALPS printer, some more ink to print up the decals for this car, for a few of you if you need them, might even have a car too.
    I dont think there will be any more mods to the trucks and car, or its recommended load. I will post the hyperlinks to them if you want.
  17. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Not available any longer. or "sold".
  18. Tom can you add a link if you get a chance sometime? Thanks
  19. If you had not said it is a model, I would have thought is was an on-sight photo.
    Thanks for sharing.
  20. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and comments.
    AS requested here are the links to the car, trucks and load if wanted, for HO scale. I recommend the "smoothest plastic print" it cost a few more bucks, but the result is SO well worth the extra dollars.

    The car.
    Pretty straight fwd build here, bending the brake pipe will be the challenge.

    The trucks.
    The offset mounting hole will need to be drilled thru be careful dont get aggressive with the drilling. You need 2-56 X 1/8 machine screws to put these together, also tap the very top of the bolster plate fork with a 2-56 tap, all other holes will need to have clearance to allow the screw to go through, to thread with the very top fork on the bolster plate, dont over tighten and strip the top plate. The screws go from bottom to top, all of this will be obvious when you start assembling the trucks, hope I am not over explaining it. The other 2 tiny parts on the truck sprues are the jacking pads to the side of the car with the brake pipe you will need to install, I used brass wire (HO scale 1 1/2", .022").

    The Transformer load.
    You could save a few buck with the smooth print on this transformer to save a few bucks, but I still think the smoothest print would give the better finish.
    Let me know if I can help.

    On a side note. I was really hoping this would be a more popular car for folks, N scale has a version but HO, O have nothing that does this justice, or comes even close.
    Lets support this guy, he even made the right trucks for it. I will help all I can.

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