Frisco River Division - Cape Girardeau Southwestern

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    Two inches works out to around 14.5 feet in 1:1 scale. I think the prototype center is 14 feet.

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    20220616_221352.jpg 20220616_221121.jpg Attached are samples of straight and curved track on 2" center. 20220616_221559.jpg 20220616_221853.jpg 20220616_221918.jpg 20220616_222100.jpg 20220616_222405.jpg
    Photo 1) 2" centers in Lindenwood Yard.
    Photo 2) 2" center on a 36" , 34" Radius Curve showing a Autorack and passenger cars.
    Photo 3) Same cars with minimal clearance.
    Photo 4) Same cars on a 30" , 28" Radius.
    Photo 5) Same cars with minimal clearance.
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    Here is the latest structure built to be added to my layout. Another Taylor-made (Doug Taylor that is.) structure; the Missouri Pacific Depot in Cape Girardeau. I have to add the signs.
    Cape Girardeau MP Depot 69 brick only.jpg IMG_8045.JPG IMG_8046.JPG IMG_8041.JPG
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    Does that ever bring back memories! In my early years at Trinity Lutheran School, I used to sit by the windows and crane my neck to see the Mopac job run out Independence Street every afternoon.

    Wonderful times.

    Thank you for modeling them.

    Ken McElreath
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    Is this the Doug Taylor that models the Pennsylvania & East Broad Top RR?
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    This is true.
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