Eastern Division - Lebanon Sub Industry Schematics

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    Attached Schematics include:
    Bundy Jct, Franks, Dixon, Jury, Crocker, Swedeborg, Riceland, Stoutland, Sleeper, Lebanon, Huben,
    Phillipsburg, Conway, Niangua, Marshfield, Northview, Strafford, Wally, Teed

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  2. cranchris31

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    What year is this schematic from?
  3. klrwhizkid

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    Chris, most of the undated Industry Schematics that have hole punches notable at the tops of the pages are from the 60's or 70's.
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    Interesting. I wonder when the Subdivision officially switched over to the Cuba sub?
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    Cuba Subdivision is (if I am not mistaken) BN/BNSF terminology for the line from St. Louis (Valley Park?) to Rolla (or possibly Newburg). Lebanon Sub was the term for points west of Newburg as the station list in post one indicates. Frisco, I believe, used the term "Rolla Sub" for the line from St. Louis to Rolla.
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    Awesome thanks for the info. I grew up in Niangua so anything I can learn about that subdivision and area I love!
  7. William Jackson

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    Ahhhhhhhhh, my home territory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Anything Eastern Division is good!

  10. Excellent Thanks

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