Eastern Division (Closed due to flooding March 2008)

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    I wasn't questioning that Keith. I just didn't know if they realized that the closure was 5 years ago. That's all. No harm meant.
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    Great, George! Keep us updated with what you see. I enjoy seeing the variety on this line, as opposed to the UP Jefferson City sub, which has about 10 times the amount of traffic, but is mostly coal trains. They are kinda mundane compared to general merchandise consists.

    I would guess (George, Brad, or anyone else correct me if I'm wrong) that the Eastern Division probably hosts four to six through-trains a day, as well the local. Except for the occasional flood closure, it is still very much an active and well maintained railroad. Doesn't look like it's gonna rain, much less flood anytime soon, so I should probably get out and do some railfanning while this detour traffic is coming through.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
  3. Brad Slone

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    Everybody, sorry for using an older thread and one that may not seem like the right one to use, but I thought it was kind of interesting. Pat, I would say your not to far off, although I would say it's closer to 6-8 per day. Nothing close to what it use to be but at least enough to keep things maintained. I would say the most traffic I have ever seen was during the 1993 floods when everything north of here was closed. I've never seen the volume's they were running before or since.

  4. Brad Slone

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    Guys, the old bridge at Jerome is taking a beating like she has never had before. The Gasconade looks to beat the old flood stage record by close to a foot and a half. I have seen photos of the water rolling over the top of the rail. I'm going to try to get down there in the morning to see for myself.

  5. meteor910

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    Hold on old girl, hold on!

    If we lose the bridge, or it suffers major damage, I hope BNSF ponies up with the replacement bucks! I think they would - this line kind of holds its own with its normal traffic, but is mainly valued as an alternate route to the system in the event of blockages elsewhere, plus the Ft Wood connection is important.

  6. WindsorSpring

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    I-44 is closed from MO 141 at Valley Park through MO 109 at Eureka. I think the railroad may be closed as well since I have seen no trains through Kirkwood, (nor heard any, but I am a sound sleeper :) ) since Monday, December 28. Lindenwood looked like there was business as usual going on there, but I did not linger to watch anything.
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    There are pictures from today that show the roadbed leading to the Gasconade bridge suffered a major washout.
  8. William Jackson

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    Generally railroads get a ton of financial aid from you know who. When it goes to help us, then it's a good thing, so I don't mind if it helps Americans
  9. paul slavens

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    Financial aid? IF Warren Buffet is not making enough money to fix his bridge then he can just shut her down ! The only people it would help would be the BNSF stockholders and employees.
  10. William Jackson

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    Well think what you want, but they get a ton of money, from FEMA and other agencies. Generally they issue accounting numbers to capture the charges to turn in for the aid. Most is paid by taxpayers.
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    Word from the Cuba Sub: bridge at Jerome has shifted some amount; crest of the Gasconade predicted at 33 feet, highest ever recorded. (Last record August 2013 = 31.8 feet). These are pictures from today.

    View attachment 25293
    View attachment 25296
  12. paul slavens

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    William, I did not know that, I guess that is why a smart old man once told me that railroad employees were basically government employees.
  13. meteor910

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    Ouch! Lots of work to do there at Arlington/Jerome to make things right!

  14. gjslsffan

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    Paul Slavens
    I can almost understand your comments concerning Mr Buffet, yep he can probably afford it. But your comments about Railroad Employees is unwarranted and unjustified. I don't know where your issues arise with railway workers, that move more tonnage, safer than any other railway workers in the world, and I am not going to venture a guess, this " your broad brushed comment" is clearly an attempt on your part to cast dispersion's or otherwise insult same. This strikes a nerve with me, I am just the man to stand up and say something about it.

    There are a lot of Railroad workers on this site, Laborers, MofW, train/engine service, Superintendents and others (in no particular order), past, present, and hopefully future. How about the railroad workers that built maintained and worked, day and night, on the cabooses you are so painstakingly restoring? Why would you insult such a mostly noble bunch of people? I will admit there are less than stellar RR employees, just as there are less than stellar CEO's, carpenters, nurses and any other profession or genre.

    I have been a member of this site for a few years now and we have largely been very successful at keeping our focus on the subject of threads, and not getting into politics and intentionally insulting anyone's profession, or lack of, or their person.

    Back to the subject of this thread, there is a lot of damage there, is the flooding over with? I see on the news that there are evacuation orders in place. I hope you are all OK down there.
  15. paul slavens

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    Gjslsffan, I don't have any issues with railroad workers, I have always admired them, and a former railroader in fact once told me that railroad workers were "pretty much government employees" and I never really understood what he meant until William made the comments about the railroad getting a ton of government money. I wish you were not bothered by the comment, I did not make the comment top upset anyone. Looking from the outside in, and not being familiar with railroad operations and procedures, etc.... it does seem odd to me that railroads would be subsidized when I read articles on the success and profits of UP, and BNSF. Anyway in order to preserve the integrity of the post I am going to stop typing here and PM you in a bit. Paul
  16. gjslsffan

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    Americas Railroads are subsidized some of the the least among forms of transportation in the country. Americas railroads spend many billions of their profits maintaining and building their own infrastructure, all the while paying taxes to the tune of many more billions of dollars that go towards their competition's well being and subsequent infrastructure.
    Bottom line is most of this cannot and should not be so simply diluted.

    Barge traffic infrastructure, is almost completely funded by Federal $$, the same as the nations airports, funded, built and maintained by mainly the Fed or the taxpayer. You have seen on the backs of truck trailers how many tens thousands of dollars are paid in taxes, but you never see the billions of dollars spent yearly to fix roads, yet we never seem to catch up with the damage, I would also propose passenger cars, pickups and motorcycles don't do all that much damage on a yearly basis. Not saying there is anything wrong with any of this as they are all including Railroads, obviously necessary for the nation as a whole to compete if not survive.

    We could go on and on but there is no point to it. I will quit on the subject as well. No Worries.

    Do they have any estimate on how long this could be out of service? I hope there arent any other major calamities going on? Man I hate to see that kind of damage.
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  17. William Jackson

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    We're not Goverment Employees, when the Governor of the State declares a disaster, then thousands of private companies and people can apply for aid. The rail industry is vital to providing companies with the necessary parts and energy to keep our standard of life to the level that keeps us strong. It's not about who has the money to fix their property, it's about interstate commerce and keeping our country going. It's the same with keeping our hi-ways open, we just don't want to risk the safety or lives of the people of our country. Beside the fact, we pay the tax, so why would we not help our own people. That is by far, the best use for our money.
    I hate it, but through my life I have needed help, I am soooooooo glad we live in this country. People freak out, but we are a socialist democery, country, in that we help each outher, we have always been willing to reach out and lift people up, when they need it. That is what makes us America.
    So enough of politics, but not enough of helping our own people, it's what makes us the greatest country in the world.
  18. WindsorSpring

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    Sincere repair effort appears to be under way.

    A GREX gravel train rolled westbound around 4 PM January 5 through Kirkwood. This is the one with under-car belts and lifting conveyors at either end. It rolled east with a locomotive on each end a couple days ago, though the one today had no pusher.

    Big piles of rock were in the open area just east of the Webster Groves station along with a manned front-end loader when I passed there Sunday.
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  19. WindsorSpring

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    A westbound freight passed Kirkwood around 1:30 PM Thursday, January 7. I saw the final cars, but a friend said he saw 7 locomotives leading including ones with UP and KCS paint. Another contact said it was STLTUL. Apparently, the line is again open for business.
  20. meteor910

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    Good news, quick recovery. Took me about that long to get a minor roof leak around the chimney flashing fixed!

    Can anybody post "after" pics of the Arlington/Jerome area that was washed out?


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