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    Please see the following link for a view of Frisco caboose SLSF 1291. (9/27/2010) (1/3/2008) (1/3/2008) (7/15/2005) (1/30/00) (photo courtesy Roger Kirkpatrick collection)

    This caboose is one of the last commercially constructed extended or wide vision cars constructed for the Frisco. It was built by the International Car Company in Kenton, OH. The car was built during 8/1969.

    The 1285-1292 series cars differed from the two prior series (200-274 (later 1200-1274) and 1275-1284) in that they featured a lower height cupola. Note the short distance between the roof and the cupola end windows. These cars were built for pool service on connecting eastern railroads that often has lower height clearance standards along their right-of-ways.

    The end roof eve still features the red marker light. This car has retained its end ladders, crossover hoops and roof walks. The car features the solid side sills between the end steps and the truck bolsters. Below the cupola, note the air brake hardware and batters charging receptacle.

    The caboose is in a City Park at site of former Frisco depot. It is located adjacent to the Fort Smith Subdivision main line on the northwest corner of Front St. and Cass Ave. Unfortunately, the car is painted and lettered for that successor railroad.

    The car address is 164 Front St. (a/k/a Missouri State Highway MM), Exeter, MO.

    Hope this helps.


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    Mark, I don't have drawings handy (I might have some copies at home) - do you or others have any info on the height differences between the 1285-1292 series and their lankier predecessors?

    Thanks, in advance.
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    There may be some dimensional data in the FMIG dedicated to cabooses. I seem to remember some line drawings or something in that article. Not sure which edition that was . .. .
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    The Frisco caboose diagrams for the various 200's-1200's do show cupola dimensional data. Have we not posted these diagrams yet?

    Per Diesel Era, the lower cupola wide-vision cabs were SLSF 1285-1293 (not 1292). But, the Frisco cab diagrams say 1285-1292. There was one cab wrecked, which may be the confusion - at least that's what Diesel Era says! I'll bet on the Frisco diagram.

    When you view pics of the three types, the difference is obvious. Another difference is that the last series of "lower" cars do not have anything on the cupola roof, where the first series cabs usually carried an antenna up there.

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    Here are the Frisco International Car wide-vision caboose diagrams, with dimensions.

    SLSF 1200-1274. Total height over rail = 15ft, 6-7/16in
    SLSF 1275-1284. Total height over rail = 15ft, 11-1/8in
    SLSF 1285-1292. Total height over rail = 15ft, 3-3/8in

    To be complete, I also posted the original numbered diagram, SLSF 200-274, prior to their renumbering to SLSF 1200-1274 in April, 1968.


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    Ken, thanks for posting these diagrams!
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    Keith - Glad to help!

    Notice how, in the second and third series of ICC w/v cabs, the caboose stack was shortened to be the same height as the top of the cupola. I never noticed that before.

    In the original series, it looks like the stack is the same height as is the cupola plus antenna.

  8. meteor910

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    I've been looking at Frisco caboose records tonight (instead of cleaning up my railroad work area) :p

    My records show that, of the original Frisco ICC wide-vision cabs (SLSF 1200-1274 as renumbered), both SLSF 1208 and SLSF 1217 were gone and off the roster at the time of the BN merger. This is confirmed by the fact they were both skipped over in the BN renumbering.

    All the cabs from the second Frisco ICC series, SLSF 1275-1284, and the third Frisco ICC series, SLSF 1285-1292, were on duty at the time of the merger.

    Anybody know what happened to SLSF 1208 and SLSF 1217?


    ps - I just checked my copy of Diesel Era, Frisco cabs, part 2 - they have a footnote that answers my own question (why don't I check all my sources before doing a posting???) as follows: "SLSF 1208 wrecked 2/70 at Hillsdale, Kansas with MKT 178; SLSF 217 wrecked 3/67 at Binkley, Oklahoma." Note SLSF 217 was thus wrecked prior to the 1968 renumbering and never was SLSF 1217.
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    Ken, thanks very much for posting; these are quite helpful.

    Rick, I think you are right: I remember seeing a LOT of caboose photos and some reference material in an old FMIG (it may have been one of the copies that Tim Cannon loaned to me in the late 80s). I'll resist the urge to start looking and I'll persist onward with indexing chronologically.

    Best Regards,
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    Exeter sold 1291 today. Exeter was the first town I contacted about the possibility of selling a caboose, that was last spring. A year ago Exeter had planned on restoring the caboose but since then they have not had luck with the project and nobody in town had much interest in working on it or donating. Exeter called me a couple weeks ago and I drove up and inspected the caboose and made them an offer, and the offer was accepted. My plan of restoring a single Frisco 1200 class caboose just seemed to evolve and now there are 4. I am surprised at how eager the towns were to part with their cabooses.
    I am looking for property in the Tulsa area that has a rail spur and a building big enough to house 1288 and 1291. Im not having much luck finding a suitable property so I will probably end up buying some vacant property that is accessible by BNSF or TSU and then build the spur and the building. I intend to have s suitable property by the end of summer.
    If anybody has any interest in these projects it would be great if you just want to come and work on a caboose , offer advice, or just hang around and visit. In regards to 1288 and 1291, I plan to paint one of them freight car brown with the "ship it" logo and the other one will be white striped. I would like to paint one of them "caboose red" with the ship it logo but I dont think any of the cabooses built in 69 were ever painted that color.
    Still waiting on the ground to dry out at Ash Grove so we can move 1288, 1291 is more accessible and will probably be moved within the next few weeks.
  11. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    That is real neat. I think George Warfel and also Grayson had cabooses on their farms. I did not get to work on any of them but the guys on the B&B and Water Service did the installations. Keep us posted.

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