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  1. Rolla, MO Sept 1968.
    I took these while attending UMR.
    This is my first attempt at posting on this site, so patience please.

    Frisco wooden caboose #1150 Rolla MO sept 68.jpg Frisco wooden caboose 1.jpg Frisco wooden caboose 2 Rolla MO sept 68.jpg
  2. Great shots, thanks for sharing those.
  3. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Fantastic! Thank you for posting.
  4. klrwhizkid

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    Great pictures, thanks for posting. Please post more!
  5. Karl

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    The single marker lamp is a curiosity.
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  6. meteor910

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    Tony -
    Thanks for posting the caboose shots. Was that taken east of Rolla?
  7. paul slavens

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    Fantastic, thanks for sharing. I would give a months pay to be able to travel back in time and go there for a few hours.
  8. Ken, yes, east of Rolla. The local freight at that time used these wooden cabeese. I have no idea why only one marker light.

  9. meteor910

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    Thanks. I thought it was east of the 63 exit, recognized it. There is a small but fairly deep ravine along there on the highway side of the tracks. I used to hike up there with my 22 and just fire away at stuff down in the ravine. That's the only place I ever killed anything with my rifle. Blew away a crawfish. Felt bad about it after!
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