Bill Earney & Jim Oxendine, Salem Branch

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    This photo is of my grandfather, Marion F. "Bill" Earney (left), and Jim Oxendine (right) taking a lunch break next to their speeder on the Salem Branch.

    Grandpa told a story once of he and another trackman, mostly likely Jim, riding on the speeder one night south of Steelville. They suddenly came upon a drunk man passed out between the rails. They couldn't get the speeder stopped in time, and Grandpa instinctivley jumped off, because he couldn't bear the thought of running over someone. But the speeder was high enough that it passed harmlessly over the man. I guess someone was left onboard to get it stopped.:)

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  2. Pat,
    Can this pic for a strong guy to the left be put on Media? found by forum/Frisco Folks/search/grandfather/wpmoreland719[​IMG]

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    Very neat, wish we could see the speeder better. I won't guess, trying to keep the experts away !!
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    LOL Bill! Talking Like a RR man! But a great great image for sure. Great dedicated folks on our Frisco.
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