1776: a First Look

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    During Feb 1976, the Frisco placed its fresh-out-the-shops contribution to the US Bi-Centennial celebration on one of the former business car tracks at the Springfield depot. The caboose was open to the public, and contained pictures of Frisco steam as well as some of the new technology that Frisco employed, e.g. the new cylindrical covered hopper cars.

    The view from the cupola of the empty station is a bit depressing.

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    Thanks Karl, as always, for the great photos and story. Thats a nice interior and great seats for a caboose.
    Isn't this the series of cabooses built from the Boxcars?
  3. William Jackson

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    Really nice Karl, thats looking toward the old South Side tool house. Way to go Tom, put a little fire into this thread.
    By the way, I do not want anyone to think, I do not appreciate, all the time and effort, that some folks spend to make sure the models are as accurate. I think it is great for some of you to spend time to help, those of us who may not have the detail for new models. For me though, I am just glad and happy, we have the orange and white still available, its more like a look at times gone by. Its great for me, my mom died when I was six, and I went to live with my grand folks. Course you have heard the story before, I went to pick up grandpa at the shops. At six (1958) I was on a first name basis with Norman Napier and Ralph Stracky. Grandpa always told my to check in, before I came down to, where the Boilermakers were and I went in to wash my hands in the big basins in the wash room. That is after I eat any lunch grandpa had left over.
    Just a thanks, for all who help with the site and models
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    Excellent photos, and story!!!!!! I was only barely 10 years old when the Frisco started disappearing under green. So all the pics, and the stories are amazing to me. I don't care what any one says. Yes times were hard back then, I know. But life just moved at a slower pace, I think.......

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