Joint Convention with MPHS in 2014

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    I had a nice talk with Charlie Duckworth who mentioned that this meeting was a success. They managed to fill their room-night requirements to get their meeting rooms free. Obviously, the attendance of Frisco Folk helped quite a bit. He also mentioned that "joint" convention with other historical groups seem to be the way to go.

    And yes, there was quite a bit of MO-Frisco crossover in the clinics. My only regret was that we weren't able to have a quick little get together of us Frisco types to put faces with names.
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    We did seem to be a bit overwhelmed by the MP folk, but there was quite a bit of Frisco present to make it interesting. And yes, I DID notice that Genesis GP15-1, but I was a ways down the list, and it was gone before my name was drawn. Oh well, still great stuff available- I'm happy with my Blair Line kit, and grateful to Dale Rush for donating it as a door prize.

    Kent Hurley's 3D printer, kits, and presentation was mind-blowing- imagine what you could do with a good printer and CAD software.

    Hats off to the convention organizers, and a special tip of the hat to the staff of the Holiday Inn of Joplin, especially the food service crew.
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    The " Frisco First issues from 1937-38" issues caught my eye.
    In Oct. 2011 The RR Historical Museum Secretary and I did considerable research with the intent of getting additional issues of the FRISCO Magazines digitized. We worked closely with the Greene County Library, Mr. Griesemer's inventory of the magazines and misc. information. The funding never came through but tonight I dug out the old papers and find that a party had QA&P Employee Magazines, Mar 1937, June 1937, Jan-Feb 1938 and Aug 1938 & was attemting to get them digitized.
    My question: Are these copies that you exhibited at MPHS 2014?
    If not, do you know their availability?

    Also a local firm has the facilities to digitize the larger size pages of the magazines.
    Thanks for an informative account on MPHS 2014 and here is wishing you luck with your scanning.
    Joe Felin :)
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    We are certainly seeking this kind of material to introduce on the Frisco Archive.

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    Re: Joint Convention with MPHS in 2014 in Joplin, MO

    I concur completely with Arkrail's observation's about joint meetings helping to create a critical mass in a hobby that is battling demographics. I am not a modeler but Mr. Duckworth's presentation was superb as was the Joplin history segment. I learned a lot and now understand better the Frisco heritage of MP Gulf Coast Lines. The Convention seemed very well organized and operated on time. THanks go to Kevin Love and all the other volunteers who made the event enjoyable.
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    No, not the same publication. Look at page 2 of - fourth paragraph for an explanation of what was at hand.


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