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  1. wmrx

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    In reply to Bill's question, I will list the presenters that I know are part of the Frisco group. Some of the presentations by these individuals contain content linked to both roads and some are purely Frisco. I found out, early on, that most attendees are interested in both roads. Here is the list:

    Bill Pollard
    Kent Hurley
    Steven Harvey
    Paul Slavens
    John Chambers
    Ken McElreath

    I'm glad to see the interest picked up on this thread. I was beginning to get a little nervous. The convention planning team has tried real hard to make this an interesting event for all attendees. We have a diverse mix of presentations for both roads that cover modeling, history, locomotives, freight cars and general interest. I think the overall content is pretty close to being evenly divided between Frisco and MoPac.

    It is disappointing to see that some of you will not make it, but I understand the scheduling conflicts. If you have been riding the fence, I encourage you to make plans to attend. It is not too late and we do have one-day admission fees for Friday and Saturday for those that can't attend the entire event.

    For all the former Frisco and MoPac railroaders out there, we will have a special area to shoot the bull on Saturday. This will be held in conjunction with the swap meet. Talkers and listeners will be able to come together for those stories that only railroaders can tell. Let's spread the word on this.

    I verified the tour with the MNA, yesterday. Everything is a go and all convention attendees are welcome to participate. We plan to car pool from the convention hotel on Friday morning. We will meet in the lobby at 9:00 AM. Also on Friday, Dale Rush at Blair Line will have the doors open to his facility from 9:00 til Noon. This activity will be on an individual basis. You can arrive and depart at your leisure. Maps/directions will be provided.

    This is going to be a great convention. If you have an interest in either the Frisco, the MP or both, you should make plans to attend. If you have any questions, send me an email at or call my cell, 816-591-0147.
  2. SteveM

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    Let me add to Kevin's list by saying that some of the presentations are Joplin oriented and will thus cover background for both roads as well as the others present there in days past.
    Also, there is plenty of Frisco material in the door prize material. I also have some Frisco paper that I thought should be given out to the interested Saturday afternoon. It came along with a bunch of old ledgers (mostly AT&N) that are now in the Barringer collection via the Sugar Creek MRHS and the MPHS archivist.
  3. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    Thanks for the additional information, thinking the tell tail stories might be really good. Got a few myself.
    They are out of the block rooms, got my room yesterday and they still honored the 84 dollar rate.
    So the savings is good, if you get your room with the discount. Worked quite a lot in the Joplin area for Tuffy Graham.
    Should be a great trip for me.
  4. Oldguy

    Oldguy Member Supporter

    I wonder if any thought has been given on recording some of the tall tales?

    I'll be bringing about 6 to 8 boxes of stuff to sell/trade. It's mainly older MP locos, rolling stock, books, etc.
  5. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    "Tell Tail" sure you get the pun, looking forward to the meet.
  6. friscobob

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    A little late, but I submitted my convention fees via PayPal. I should be able to be there Friday afternoon, will definitely be there Saturday, but on Sunday I'm going across the border to Galena to visit my brother. Got family very close by.

    Plus, if any N scalers are interested, I'm selling my diesels & rolling stock off. (still modeling in HO).

    Seeing as how I chased MP action in Van Buren when I lived in the vicinity, I'm interested in some of the MP presentations. It's always good to expand one's horizons.
  7. SteveM

    SteveM Member Supporter

    Counting Bob, there are 53 advance registrations plus 13 spouses, so a good crowd is expected. I see some of the friscofolks but a lot missing on the registration list. Still time to confirm your plans. Also, the bus tour may sell out so better step up if you were planning on doing the tour.
  8. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I am leaving today for Joplin, hope to see some of you their. I want to look around the area a little. Been a long time, since I was their. I should remember some areas, since I worked in the area quits a bit. Although, not much chance to find the area, I want to look around for a place I worked with a dozer around some coke (type) ovens. Carl has give me some ideas to look on another thread. Sometimes if you are their, it will jog some memory buttons. KC to see the daughter and Keith, then maybe down to Springfield, want to go by Grant Beach, then maybe up through Rolla area.
    Great memories for me up their.
  9. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

    FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018) Passed Away April 12, 2018 Supporter

  10. wmrx

    wmrx MP Trainmaster

    There are almost 80 people signed up for the convention. All of the presenters are confirmed and the bus tour is filling up. The swap tables are almost gone. If you want one, and you haven't pre-registered, you should contact me immediately.

    It is going to be a great meet. If you are on the fence, I encourage you to come. You can register and pay at the door. As far as I know, rooms are still available at the hotel. If you have last minute questions send me an email at or call 816-591-0147. I hope to see you there.
  11. bob_wintle

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    The Charcoal plant is still operating today. It is on the Northwest side of Chetopa. I believe it produced the Chief brand Charcoal back in the day. I think the plant is called Jayhawk Charcoal now. I do not know the brand name.
  12. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    You still have time to make it to the convention. Just got finished with the tour of Blair Line. It was good to meet Dale Rush and view his shop. Last night was three nice presentations, and I got to meet Ed Hawkins from the Prototype CYC, had a nice look at the new addition coming out soon. Don't miss out, great meet.
  13. meteor910

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    Friends Ed Hawkins and Pat Wider from the RP Cyc Publishing Co are both great guys. Those of you attending the convention should introduce yourself to them. Tell them the last few RP Cyc issues have been a bit lean on Frisco items :).

    The new issue coming, #29, does look like another good one however.

  14. paul slavens

    paul slavens Member

    I had a lot of fun at the convention today, wish I could have stayed late for the night presentations but needed to get back home before 5. I enjoyed meeting some of you today and made some new MP friends too. I really enjoyed Kent Hurley's 3D printer presentation and I bet the sky is the limit on its application in the future. Good times.
  15. William Jackson

    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    You are right Ken, no SLSF in the new one, but lots of nice stuff.
    I think I have figured out the problem, on my Ipad, if you hit the cap lock, then it changes to the underline and bold.
    HA !
  16. friscobob

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    I got into town Friday afternoon and sat in on Charlie Duckworth's Bagnell Branch presentation. It may have been a MP layout, but his use of waybills and how he switched cars could be easily used for any Frisco-themed layout. The Saturday presentations were awesome as well, especially the 3Dprinter session. A whole new approach to scratchbuilding for our hobby.

    I did manage to score a couple of P2K Frisco covered hopper kits, and won an HO Blair Line fertilizer plant kit as a door prize (my first laser-cut wood kit).

    Would have liked to see more Frisco Folks down here this weekend, but I enjoyed meeting some of the membership, as well as learn a few new things about the MoPac.

    And a special shout-out to the fellas in Ohio who are working to return Frisco 1352 to service! :)
  17. nvrr49

    nvrr49 Member

    And a good time was had by all. Thank you to everyone.
  18. SteveM

    SteveM Member Supporter

    It was good to see a few Frisco faces. I think a lot of others would have enjoyed the presentations, especially Paul and the 1352 folks. Then there was a program on the Gulf Coast Lines which were built by Yoakum as Frisco properties besides the Joplin history and tour. Somebody (I was busy pulling names) got a Genesis GP15 among other Frisco door prizes (and everybody got a prize.)
    The next two MPHS conventions will be in Houston and Jefferson City, but maybe after that there could be a location of mutual interest. Especially if we can't get regular Frisco events to continue.
    On another subject, I set up a table of Frisco stuff that had been donated to my local club and took donations for any of the stuff folks wanted. Included in that material are most of the Frisco First issues from 1937-38 which are in 11x17 format, so Bob Dye and I can't scan them. Unless these are already available (and I couldn't find them in the Archives) I propose to use the donations to get these scanned well, then send any remainder on for Charlie's activities. Comments? There may also be some annual reports not in the Archives and some other articles.
  19. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Wow, that sounds great Steve! We do like scanning. :)

  20. arkrail

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    Thanks to Kevin Love and those who helped to bring together a very successful convention. My primary roads of interest are (were ?) Mopac and RI, because those were the ones which I saw more often. As I learn more about the Frisco, it is also joining that short list of "favorites." There were great presentations about both roads, and by bringing together participants from both roads, the convention was able to attract enough dealers/exhibitors to fill a room and keep them busy buying and selling for the several hours set aside for the swap meet. The Joplin experience suggests that joint meetings are the way to go or at least seriously consider, bringing in enough participants to achieve critical mass, and providing new opportunities to put faces with names that were known only from the internet.

    Bill Pollard
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