Joint Convention with MPHS in 2014

Discussion in 'Conventions and Meets' started by wmrx, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Doug- Al was indeed in my MSM class (1964), but I didn't really know him. Wasn't he a CE? They (like you EE's) were at the other end of the campus.

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    It looks like the MoPac Historical Society is planning the next in Joplin for October 2014 and the organizers would still like to have some Frisco fans participate in a joint meeting. The only "closed" activity would be the MPHS business meeting which should be relatively short.

    There's a lot of railroad history in Joplin and interesting operations, interchanges, and looking at joint conventions the Mopac has held in the past, it never turns into a Texas-OU or Mizzou-Jayhawks type of rivalry. What is really needed is some SLSF presentations on modeling, motive power, facilities and so on. The two railroads interchanged all over the place in spite of being competitors.

    Jim Ogden
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    There have been a series of e-mails between myself and several other interested people about organizing a joint MP/SLSF convention. If those gentlemen have resumed discussion, please be advised that for some reason, I've been unable to use my Yahoo email address. I'm still interested in helping to organize such a venture, since Joplin isn't that far away for me (about a 2-hour drive), and to please PM me here or contact me via
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    I know that the subject of a joint convention has been very quiet on this board, at least in recent months. That does not mean that this activity has fallen by the wayside. Quite the contrary. Arrangements have been made with the Holiday Inn at Joplin and planning is underway. I just sent an email to members of this group that expressed an interest in helping plan this event previously. If others are interested in helping, please contact me at

    There are lots of details to work out, but there are several events that are in the works. John Chambers has offered to take us on a guided tour of the Joplin area. The Missouri and Northern Arkansas has offered to allow us to tour various facilities in Joplin and Carthage. This will include former facilities of the Frisco and the MP. Events are also in the works at the Frisco Building and at the former MP station building. For the modeler, Dale Rush has offered to open his facility for a visit. There will also be a swap meet with participation by some major vendors (ExactRail and Westerfield are in the works).

    This should be a great meet. I look forward to seeing some discussion on this board. Your input is crucial to a successful meet.

    Kevin Love
  5. William Jackson

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    Do we know the date of this event, for sure, yet
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    October 9-12. This is set in the MPHS bylaws for their annual meeting.
    Please put it on your calendar. Per Kevin's message, a few more suggestions for Frisco topics would be very welcome.
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    IIRC, Mike Condren has a good presentation on the Ozark & Cherokee Central, built between Fayetteville & Okmulgee. It's a Frisco predecessor road, and a small bit of its original ROW is still used (albeit by UP) to access the OG&E power plant across the river from Muskogee, and still more used by BNSF here in town. I wonder if he could be talked into making the trip up from Tahlequah (where he lives now) to Joplin for a presentation.
  8. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    This is a great idea!

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    If you decided to have this convention in 2014 in the fall please keep me posted when and where. I would like to come and participate if you need speakers for the convention I would more then happy to talk about moving and rebuild of Frisco Mike #1352.

    You can PM here and I'll be more then happy send my information to the Convention committee in charge.

    Steven M Harvey
    American Steam Railroad
    Frisco Mike #1352
  10. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    Another great idea!

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    I'll be there for sure if it's gonna happen!
  12. SteveM

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    Some of the folks will be meeting with Kevin and me at Joplin on April 19 to complete the planning for the October 10-12 convention. We should have a better idea of clinics, tours, etc. after that. So mark the date, and if you also have ideas to contribute, I would be happy to entertain them at steve503 at cox dot net.
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  14. wmrx

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    As Steve mentioned, we are having a planning meeting on April 19, but several details have been finalized. The contract has been signed and the convention facility will be the Holiday Inn in Joplin, MO. The convention will officially begin in the afternoon on Thursday October 9 and run through the morning of Sunday October 12. Activities will include various presentations on both MP and SLSF topics. John Chambers has offered to take us on a guided tour of Joplin area RR sites and the MNA has offered to make their facilities in Carthage and Joplin available. The former Frisco and MoPac stations in Joplin will be on the agenda, also. There will be a swap meet and model display along with door prizes for fans of both roads. ExactRail and a few other vendors have indicated that they will be in attendance.

    Mark your calendar and look for more details in the next few weeks. I would be glad to hear from anyone that would like to make a presentation or offer ideas for activities. My email address is

    Kevin Love
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    Any convention updates? Was just seeing if the hotels might be ready for booking?
  16. SteveM

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    Kevin hasn't put the hotel info on the MPHS website yet. Must have gotten tied up with something else. I will ask him about it. We are starting to fill out the program, but are still taking suggestions.
  17. friscobob

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    I have several suggestions:

    1. Something to honor the late Richard Napper. Perhaps I'm a bit prejudiced because he was a friend of mine, but as we know, Richard was a font of information, and shared his knowledge freely.

    2. A tour of the MNA Carthage yard

    3. If there is still an active model RR club in Joplin, perhaps an operating session there.
  18. SteveM

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    Bob and others:
    1. John Chambers will be making two presentations of material from Richard's personal archives, now residing at Heartlands Museum. Come Friday evening for the MP stuff and stay Saturday evening for the Frisco stuff, per the proposed schedule.
    2. Kevin is working on the Carthage tour.
    3. Don't know that operating session is available right now. Maybe down here Sunday afternoon, other places for folks going in other directions?
    Announcement coming very soon on the overall program.
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    Anything known yet for what will be scheduled for Sunday Oct. 12th?

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