10,000 Tank Cars

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  1. Rick McClellan

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    Could you post a photo or two of these high walkway cars? Do you know what years they were in service? Might need some for my 1948-50 sessions. Thanks.

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    FWIW, the whole 190079-190573 series shows up in the 1/1/1943 Official Register of Railway Equipment. No footnotes, however, that would indicate that these were limited to Company Service only.

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  4. trainsignguy

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    SLSF 191106 photo taken late 1980's in KC just north of 19th St. Yard.

    Dale Rush
    Carthage, MO

  5. meteor910

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    Company service tank cars SLSF 191000-191129 were built by ACF in Milton, Pa in August, 1949 for the Frisco. As built, SLSF 191000-191099 were given the yellow dome indicating they were for diesel fuel oil service. And, as built, SLSF 191100-191129 were given a black dome, and were not identified with a specific service.

    Later on, several of the black dome cars were specified for waste oil service, and so lettered. Also later on, some of these "black domers" were given a yellow dome and assigned to diesel oil service.

    Attached are ACF builders photos of SLSF 191020 (note the yellow dome and diesel fuel designation) and SLSF 191100 (note the black dome with no specific service designated). These are both from August, 1949 - ACF, Milton, Pa.

    During my time in the chemical industry, I contracted for several series of new tank cars from ACF Milton, Pa, and visited the Milton plant several times. They build a very good car. They were our primary t/c builder.


    slsftank191020a acf.jpg slsftank191100 acf.jpg
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    Photos are nice, Ken. You been holding out on us t/c fans? :)
  7. meteor910

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    Sherrel - Many more on file! :cool:

  8. MFreix

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    Does anyone know where a guy can get his hands on some of these models? I am in desperate need! Haha.
  9. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    They are very rare and do show up on Ebay from time to time. One was on there about a month ago in fact.
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    Please do not overlook the Microscale decal set for these cars.

    The nice things about this set is the scale size lettering for "Diesel Fuel Loading Only" (others appear too large) and the lettering for the dome (not in the other sets). It is their set number 986. Use the prefix "60-" for N scale and "87-" for HO scale.

    Please see http://www.microscale.com/Merchant2...uct_Code=87-986&Product_Count=&Category_Code=.

    Hope this helps.


  11. FriscoFriend (Bob Hoover RIP 4/12/2018)

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    If there were ever any NATX Type 103W tank cars Red Caboose probably made them either in kit or RTR form. The problem is that since they sold out to Intermountain they have purged all of their records of past products.
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    Hey I know alittle about the dome colors, they were department of transportation requirements stemming from the WWll military standardizations.
    Red was for gasoline Fire or safety red
    Yellow was for diesel Safety yellow
    Blue is for waste oil Medium blue
    Black is for crude oil Black
    White is for kerosene White
    These colors were commen for repeat used carbon fluids in the same tank car. There was some type of temporery marking or a plaque on the dome when the tank car was used to haul various other material, maybe someone else can shed some more information. mktjames
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    Does anyone know the length of these 10,000 gal. tank cars and about what year the prototype was first produced?
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  14. meteor910

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    Assuming you are talking about the Frisco yellow dome "Diesel Fuel" tank car, Type 103W 10,000 gallon, as modeled by Red Caboose - the car is 36 ft long, frame end to frame end. Not all of Frisco's diesel fuel cars were this type, but many were.

    The "W" means it had a welded tank body.

  15. Brad Slone

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    Sorry I missed your reply looking for one of the high dome cars, attached is 190573 that I worked up a while back. If you are interested I will see if I can find a photo of the prototype.


  16. Oldguy

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    Good Grief, I got the same shot in April 1988

    Tank Car 191106 in MW service Kansas City MO 4-88 by Bob Dye.jpg Tankcar 191106 in MW service Kansas City MO 4-88 2 by Bob Dye.jpg
  17. Oldguy

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    I found this one - car 191059 back in August of 8-88. On the dome the white handwritten lettering says "drainage oil"

    Tankcar 191059 in MW service unknown location 8-88 by Bob Dye.jpg

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