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Sep 16, 1942 (Age: 81)
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The BIG stuff - 7.5" gauge

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    1. mountaincreekar
      also There could be some questions about mid-air refueling.

      There is a book about the B-36.

      B-36 Peacemaker in action - Aircraft No. 42 Paperback – December 1, 1980
      Meyers K. Jacobsen (Author), Ray Wagner (Author), Don Greer (Author)
      Paperback $14.00
      24 Used from $4.86
    2. mountaincreekar
      Hi Sherrel'

      I hope you are OK.

      On Off Topics there is a discussion about the Air Force Museum started by Turky44
      The B-36 became most of the replys

      I raised some questions about the B-36
      about how they operated it with 4 jets and 6 piston motors.

      I also had a comment about the 3 engine DC-10

      You may have some answers?

    3. SAFN SAAP
      LOL...You can breathe again. I posted up pics of the tank car.
    4. SAFN SAAP
      Hey Sherrel, I sent you an email about the caboose. Time to do it!
    5. SAFN SAAP
      Sherrel, I haven't forgotten about the caboose. Hang in there. I'm working on it!
    6. SAFN SAAP
      Gotcha, NP.
    7. SAFN SAAP
      Please have a safe trip. Enjoy yourself and we'll see you when you get back! God's speed and safety!
    8. gjslsffan
      Hi Sherrel,
      Was away from my puter awhile
      How much to ship PM to

      Tom Holley
      2936 D 1/2 Road
      Grand Junction CO 81504
    9. murphy millican
      murphy millican
      Hi Mr. Weems,

      I did some railroad research and found something to be in your favor. You remember back when I mentioned that Reader Railroad #108 was scrapped? Well I found out different. She was sold to a scrapper, but she was saved and was/maybe still in steam!!! Her new home is a short way from the piney woods of southern Arkansas, but she still exist. She was at the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, N.H. But now she is at the Blacklands railroad in Texas. I sorta glad to find this out myself. Makes me wonder if some of the other cars that were "Scrapped" accourding to the reports at the smae place, have found there way to new homes on other railroads. I just noticed this so I thought I'd pass you the info.
      Ship it on the Frisco!!!

      Murphy Millican
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    10. Brian waller
      Brian waller
      Hello Sherrel,

      My Thread "Saving The Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railroad" has been closed, but you can visit my Yahoo Groups call "Saving The E.S. & N.A. R.R." at

      Brian Waller
    11. murphy millican
      murphy millican
      One update on the Reader. I found the new owner and he is a ok guy. The buildings at Reader are gone and there is like no rails left. The new owner is putting home where the shop was. He has moved the equipment on a track where they will sit till he knows what to do. The guys is a railfan and after I talked to him he said he would give me Reader#2. I'm hopeing this goes through and I get the engine. I'm keeping it somewhat of a secret till I do But, since your a Reader fan and my Friend I'm telling you. I have a shop to house the #2 and I also have extra land to let the #2 run. If I get the engine you are welcome to come by and run her with me. I will only believe I own the engine when it is on my land. I figured you may want to hear that upside story about the #2. I'm sorry about the rest of the railroad. The ex-cotton Belt caboose may go to the AR Muesum. If I get #2 I plan to loan her to the ES&NA. I'm sorry Reader is gone, but there engines will live on....
      Your Friend,
      Murphy J.
    12. murphy millican
      murphy millican
      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a fellow railfan friend of mine has passed some information that you may not want to know. Accourding to him the Reader Railroad has just closed for good and the Locomotives and rolling stock sold to a group in Louisianna. I don't know the whereabouts of the property of enything else. I send a message to one of the Readers Contacts on their website asking if it was true. I really hope not. I don't want to see another Arkansas short line dissappear forever. If this is true I'm sorry to tell you, but the Reader railroad is gone. I hope this is just some terrible late april fools prank gone wrong, but I'll look into it.
      Ship it on the Frisco!!!

      Murphy Jenkins
    13. murphy millican
      murphy millican
      Hi I was going to ask your permission to post some of your Reader Railroad photo's on the Readers fan group on Facebook. If you havea facebook you can feel free to add me and I'll send you the link. I'm trying to gather a fan base of Reader railroad fans and also people who have a interest to see the Reader restored. My facebook is under Murphy Zane Jenkins-Henson.
      Ship it on the Frisco!!!

      Murphy Jenkins
    14. wpmoreland719
      Thanks for your comments on my layout. It's a work in progress and definitely not perfect, but I do what time, money, space, and my limited modeling experience will allow. As you can probably tell, I have some fond memories of this line, and have collected as much historical information as I possibly can. I do have some more photos and info to add. When I rotate back to day shift (and a subsequently normal life) next week, I'll try to get some more stuff posted here.
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    The BIG stuff - 7.5" gauge
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