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    Hey Y'all, How are you? Well, a lot is going on here at YesteRRails. I have been busy producing decals. Albeit none are Frisco to date, I am happy to announce the following decals for the Frisco are presently being produced: K-C C&S Clinton Line Box Car 4170 Frisco Refrigerator No. 965 Frisco Furniture Car 7500 Frisco Gondola 5807 Frisco Flat Car 5807 Frisco Box Car 8674 Missouri & North Arkansas 40' Flat Car These will be coming out over the next 6-8 months. Images to be posted shortly. Presently available: Peerless Tank Line, Circa 1908, from Standard Oil, ACF, 4 number set Morrell Tank Line, Circa 1904, From John Morrell, Morrell Meats, ACF, Ottumwa, IA, 8 number set. Florence Pipe & Tank Company, Circa 1896, Murray Dougal & Co., Florence, CO. Rocky Mountain Oil Company Tank Line, Circa 1894, Florence, Co., Murray Dougal & Co., Florence, CO., 4 number set. THE TEXAS COMPANY, Circa 1908, Beaumont, TX, ACF, 4 number set. More tank cars, and regular cars to come. It's a slow process. Decals are all on Microscale paper and are quality print screened. I will post up photos shortly. Thanks, Manny
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    Thats good news Manny
    Do you know if anyone got any Frisco artwork from that guy we wont mention, a rather "Odd" situation.? Would be great if we could get some later Frisco stuff as well, I remember you talking about it but dont remember the time line.
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    I agree with Tom. Glad you're getting on the "ball". I look forward to your future products.
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    Unfortunately, there were no copies of the original artwork on Richard Napper's computer or in his disc collection. Last I heard, there may not be much of a chance getting in from the current holder.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Keith, et al, Richard forwarded me all his master artwork. I have it on the disc's here at the house. They are part of the Frisco family to be reproduced. I'll let you know what I have. Manny
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    Good deal... :)

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