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Discussion in 'General' started by yardmaster, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Always fun to see resourceful and good-quality modeling, Steve. Perfect item for the thread - really enjoyed watching this.
  4. I’ve never tried a RivaRossi car but most other come off pretty easy with a piece of paper towel soaked in solvaset put on the area you want to remove. Some comes off in a few minutes. Others I have had to repeat a couple times.
    After the Solvaset softens the graphic a little brush working should finish it off. Usually pretty easy.
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  6. Jim James

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    Looking great! Underbody details must be my least favorite resin kit step. Drilling grab iron holes is a close second.
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    Contribution for this week. Surely Wednesday GMT by now.....

    Finished up a RH #6 cross-over with the FastTracks fixture:


    Upon further review, it looks like I need to straighten out a throwbar. This was the last major turnout assembly needed for the Cherokee module on the layout. Not much time this weekend due to work, but maybe in a few days some track will be put down there.

    Also tried out using the cross-over fixture to make a #6 RH turnout with a siding lead. Seems to match the contour of the crossover, which I think is nice compared to trying to place by eye with flex track.



    Ran out of daylight, so will have to wait until the weekend for painting....

    Catch you all then.

    -Bob T.
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    Bob, I like your work. The FastTracks stuff is addicting, isn't it...
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  9. Back on my Springfield yard truck here. I am still amazed how bad the casting was but it has made it to a guide coat of primer now at least. Also the chassis details and tank details are coming together.

  10. Here is proof it is easier to scratchbuild than assemble a crappy kit! This would be funny if I wasn't the one trying to build it.
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    What the heck?! That’s horrific.
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    Really good stuff here!
    Bob- I really like the looks of the switches and X-overs your building. I especially like the idea that you can make the insulated joint pretty much where you want.

    Steve- Great work !! And Wow that casting is horrible:confused::confused:.

    These are some things I have been working on;
    First the QA&P SD40T-2 749 and a company trio of TM in QA&P livery.
    And now the 747-746-748-749
    Here we see the M-ELPQUA1-10A, Rolling on to MT2.

    Here we see a Frisco train leaving the yard.
    The ready tracks are a colorful place today.
    Finally this crane, I think its Kibri.
  13. Those all look great Tom. Bob the switches are very cool. Nice work guys
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    Beautiful locomotives!!
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    Indeed. I think this is really the best way to get the cross-over that you want these days. I think that I will also get a #7 or #8 fixture in the cross-over variety, as you can make single turnouts or cross-overs.

    -Bob T.
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  16. yardmaster

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    Made some progress tonight on some hopper doors. My word, but some of the Tichy parts are small.


    Also, some workbench items that have come in handy tonight. The paperweighty things are good paperweights, but they are also magnifiers. They come in handy to sit on top of instruction sheets. I have some Westerfield sheets that necessitate eagle eyes. The purple item is a generic dental pic that's working well for adding small amounts of Testors plastic cement. The flat side almost acts as a mini spatula. The other item is a simple sewing needle stuck into a scrap of dowel. It's good for placing and arranging small parts, marking drill holes in styrene, etc.

  17. gna

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    Dug through my scrapbox for some parts for these tanks. Tried to mount brake wheels as valve wheels, but didn't work. Will try again:
  18. Sirfoldalot

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    Everyone's work looks great!
    TOM -- Those TM's look very "brutish".
  20. * Those ACF center-flow hopper cars are dear to my heart.
    In 1964 I was a junior at Washington U. (St. Louis) and they were kind enough to get me a summer job in St. Charles
    with American Car and Foundry's engineering design department. I had to jack up a center-flow and measure how all the truck parts, springs movements when not loaded by the car's weight or without a car load. That allowed a study to determine the (vibration) natural frequency of the springs & car to see if such would aggregate any derailment with different car loads from various rail imperfections and train speeds. (I guess that ACF was having some legal suits?). Glad I could contribute in a small way.
    * Next I was given an assignment to work in their lab. There I learnt all about pneumatic air unloading from the center-flow hoppers for a wide range of granular products. Next had to know how to design the pneumatic tubing system, non-centrifugal blowers needed power and dust collectors where the discharged product dumped out from the system.
    * As a senior, I put the ACF experiences on my resume. From that Monsanto's Chem-strand decided to
    allow a position to be open up a pneumatic conveying design engineering position for their conveying systems, such equipment and others. That lead to many other types of designs. Had the pleasure to work for Monsanto's Chem-strand, Monsanto's Ag Division, Organic & Inorganic Divisions, Corporate Engineering the main staff and Monsanto's spin-off Solutia. A job that latest 36 years with more than just conveying. Love being a rail-fan watching those center-flow hopper cars passing by (and see what models of center-flows are in a rail yard. One I visit is Cotter Arkansas). I like the short models used in the deep Ozarks.
    I miss the 1522 and Newburg too were we got lunch while the mountain was taking on water.
    Great life, mountaincreekar(, from the Ozarks, Charlie Petit

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