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    "Yes,there is a bowl of drying hatch chilies for seeds nextspring."

    In my best Homer Simpson voice, 'Mmm, Hatch chilies.'
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    These little projects have been a long time coming, It has been quite a learning process for me. These are Atlas Berwick cars as the ends were right along with the side ribs and roof, but thats about all that was right. So as usual, I make more out of this project than I should have. I had to add some to the plug doors, they needed a couple levers added as well as 6" to the height, which led to me having to fabricate new wheels and linkages for the doors. I milled out the sliding doors and added the modified plug doors, what a pile of plastic that left. There was a bunch more milling done on the sides and sills of these cars. I then added a bunch of styrene details (door stops, small tack boards, bolster add-ons and some end details. This all resulted in the steps being lowered about 1/16" too. I used Details West 1009 coupler boxes, KD metal drawbars, Plano cut bars and some scale lumber for the large tack boards.
    After the SP scarlet Red, White and ATSF Blue Scalecoat was applied, Herald King #B-220 BAR decals were used, an interesting note is whichever side you look at the red is always to the left. There were a couple discrepancies in the lettering, and the Herald is just a bit undersized, but great decals to work with. Not gonna dirty these up too much.
    The prototype,
    Photo by Jim Parker from Fallen flag.

    Atlas image of undec car.

    My version of the BAR 5936

    And the 5972

    And here we see them headed out of town on the QA&P 747 east.
  3. Cool stuff Tom! I always like the BAR red white and blue schemes. Nice work on those.
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    Nicely done!

    Might want to check the door close decal. It is upside down. The door handle clasp arrows go toward the door handle or center of the car, both arrowheads pointing down, with the lettering toward the ends. They should show counter rotation, clockwise (close) and counterclockwise (open). Minor detail that in service most folks would not notice.

    Still very impressive work, especially the new plug doors.

    Hope this helps.


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    That was one of the lettering discrepancies I was talking about.
    Thanks for the input and nice comments
    Steve and Mark, thanks for the likes guys.
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    Hey Guys (@Jim James, @gjslsffan , @klrwhizkid ), your/our stuff is not just famous, it is MRH Spam Email Famous!

    No, really, Registered Reader Update Email Famous.....Bonus: Keith on the cover?

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    Cool Bob! That is great to see. I am sure glad you did that equipment from me justice.
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    I couldn't work from a neat workbench like that. I haven't done squat for a week. Dr appts and crap all last week, then a computer crash Friday which I've been fighting with. I've ordered a new one, but hope I can pull my files from the crashed one. It has a SSD for windows and a 1TB HD. I'm hoping the HD is intact. I've ordered an adapter to plug into the HD and transfer stuff to the new one (I hope it is the SSD that's belly up)
    I got to complacent and didn't back up for a while and got bit in the butt.
    Lets hope it all works out, I don't want to lose a couple of projects.
  11. Thanks Bob! Glad we can do our part to get some Frisco exposure as often as possible!
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  12. A little early but here is some of my project this week. I shared the start of this awhile back. I have been using this as spare time work so it is slow but getting closer. Not everyone's cup o tea but I must admit beat modern equipment is a guilty pleasure of mine. The proto car I happened to catch both sides in the old Erie yard in Marion, Ohio so I can make this a pretty accurate car all the way around.


  13. Good luck Don, I had the same thing happen a few months back and quickly went to panic mode.
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    "I've ordered an adapter to plug into the HD and transfer stuff to the new one (I hope it is the SSD that's belly up)
    I got to complacent and didn't back up for a while and got bit in the butt."
    Hope its successful Don.
    Mike L
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  15. Here is a few more from the photo day that is on the MRH page. I put 804 and 831 together. The first and last U25b built by GE. Interesting to me the Frisco owned both.
    Enjoy the view, Steve



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    Frisco Friends,

    Not much Frisco modeling this week, but rather another random batch of workshop fun.

    I continued to build out the shelves for storing various modeling supplies and what not:


    I grabbed another sheet of 1/2-inch plywood yesterday to start on the shelf below with the plastic bins. Probably something to store some larger dioramas and another array of boxes.

    I did use that freshly cleaned workbench to start on a Tichy USRA boxcar, thanks to the Jim Six article in the August MRH "Running Extra".....


    A nice feature is the drill guide that comes with it for the grab irons:


    It aligns to the edge of the car and might come in handy for some other projects.

    I also used part of the spare plywood to make this little holder for paint jars, decal solution, brushes, etc. for when I am decaling cars. I hate spilling a whole bottle of that stuff and it is much nicer than my piece of pink foam with a hole punched in it.


    Finally, the next structure kit came in....yes, I broke my own promise not to buy any more....oh well. This one appears in a Michael McCarville (fun with fallen flags) video, and I could not resist. A BEST models "just the basics" kit, it seemed ideal for my Long-Bell Lumber in Weir. Just need to find a lumber rack building to go with it:


    More to come on that one and the boxcar.

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    I couldn't work under those conditions. I could start with that bench and within 2 hours, every tool I own would be on it and I would have a space to work in about 6" square.
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    Ha! Give me 30 minutes of actual work. I will be in the same position. After a clean up, work has kept me pretty busy.
  19. I’m the same Don. Both working on models or worse yet working on 1:1 projects in the garage.
    Great stuff Bob.
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