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    Back again for another Wednesday. These work-from-home weeks just seem to fly by, even though I made it into the office one day this week.

    This week's offerings from the workbench:

    With the layout stowed, and plenty tired of the structure building marathon, I turned my attention to the 20 work-in-progress car and locomotive projects sitting in boxes around the workbench.

    One project is to decal (K4-Decal sets) up some single sheath boxcars for the Frisco fleet. I had discussed this project a while back with Gary @gna . I am using his recommendations to add straight beam frames to these Accurail cars. Using some evergreen 1/8th inch channel to make straight frames (white in picture), and some Tichy brake rigging details, these can make some nice cars in the 16XXXX series as reasonable stand-ins. They don't have the corner brace details, but hey pretty close to the diagram from collections. Also making a wood-end 40-ft car from the 12XXXX series from the Accurail fishbelly car.


    I hope if I spray some gloss coat on the inside, those sides will straighten out.

    I also got in this tool for grab-irons from Micro-Mark. They had it on sale and I have been thinking about one for a while to make caboose braces, etc. when you need longer thin-wire details.


    Going to work up a couple more "Muley" caboose models and let you know how it works.

    Finally, I have just about completed the second row of shelves/cubbies for various model supplies. This shelf is opposite my workbench. Going to make a small chest of drawers where those plastic ones are sitting, and then decide on painting (or not).


    Well, that's the news from San Antonio. I hope you are all doing well. Take Care Frisco Friends.

    -Bob T.
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  2. I got my yellow BKTY box finished up this week. It was super windy but I tried to get a few pics taken after work.








  3. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Great work, @modeltruckshop (Steve). That's going to be on the cover of something somewhere.
  4. Thanks Bob. Not everybody’s style I know. But I enjoy beaters.

    Let us know how grab iron jig works. I have eyes those for years. Just never bought one.
  5. gna

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    Me too. I'm too embarrassed to show my workbench in these threads.
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    Looking forward to a report on how it works, Bob. Back in his old RMC "Essential Freight Cars" series, Ted Culotta had a homemade gadget made from a piece of scrap Evergreen v-groove (I think) siding. The downside is that I think it would wear down after repeated use.
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    You're so well organized it's almost frightening.

  8. rjthomas909

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    Ha! Once a year, maybe. I am working on the chest of drawers for the middle section now. Will try to post some photos by the weekend. Too busy with work to get in a Workshop Wednesday post today.

    -Bob T.
  9. Sorry not a Frisco project this week. But I finished these two up. You can compare with the stock models. I used these for a Zoom presentation for our NMRA meeting this week also. Showing the difference a fade can make. I'll try for some outdoor pics this weekend. Inside photos are poor and not too sharp for some reason. Sorry


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  10. rjthomas909

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    Those are some good ones, Steve.

    Here is a quick one from me (Workshop Thursday)...... I continue to use Gary's methods to add more Frisco boxcars to the fleet. The two 16XXXX cars are the straight frame mods from the Accurail versions that come with fishbelly underframes. The 12XXXX car is just a decaled wood-end car from Accurail, all using the K-4 Decals sets. These are in various stages of detailing. Only one of the two straight frames has the brake rigging added and they all need some weathering and a few other items.


    I also continued the assault on train/garage chaos and am finishing up a chest of drawers for the misc cubby/shelf assortment.....



    I put this together over the 3-day weekend, and added the birch drawer fronts tonight. Looks like one of the pulls is off for some reason. Oh well, will sort that out and then need to decide on painting and maybe some veneer for the front edges. Plenty more storage than my old "pile of stuff" method. (Accurail box for scale).

    Take care all!

    -Bob T.
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  11. Looks great Bob. Neat setup there.
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  12. gstout

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    The graffiti-ed up cars are, sadly, both prototypical and well-executed, but I just can't bring myself to do that to my beloved rolling stock. I guess in my (physical) world, neatness counts. Grateful to be modeling the 1960s.

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    Bob, very nice work on both the cars and the chest.
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  14. rjthomas909

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    Steve (@modeltruckshop ), I am going to guess this is your fine, fine work headlining the MRH mailer this week.....


    Congrats! Frisco modeling is well-represented.
  15. Thanks Bob! Trying to spread the Frisco gospel here. :)

  16. gjslsffan

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    Hey Steve. I dont know what the outbound crew did to deserve the "pelican nose" jalopy for a lead unit :D:D:ROFLMAO::D. No, really a great job of modeling and images.
  17. Hahahahhaaaa always treat the hostlers right. Thanks Tom!
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    I finally got to work downstairs for a few hours today. Got the brakeman's doghouse on a 4000 tender as well as a tool box under the frame and a few other details. Felt good for a change.
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    Keep it up Don - good therapy in these times.
  20. Quick outdoor shots of these before they go to the rightful owner. Busy weekend and some rain off and on so nothing special. You get the idea though.


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