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  1. Thanks. It’s hard to see in the photos but it’s a little more subtle in person. More rusty dust on top and dirt grime on the bottom. I tried to make some grease build up on the old journal type trucks too.
    Thanks again.
  2. gjslsffan

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    Always great to see everyone's modeling efforts. Steve, you are a weathering machine, so much, so good, so quick.

    Great modeling everyone!

    Less weathering is more for me sometimes. I can get into a mindset, sort of a tunnel vision on weathering. I need to let the project sit for a day or two, but thats just me. Vicki, tells me I should take a week or two, but she doesn't get weathering, "its a clean thing".
    I been working on an Alco project for the last few weeks. A lot of detail work (which I enjoy). Our own Ken Wulfert made me aware of an under modeled Alco, he also made the base model available to me (thank you Ken). Anyhow a bit less modeled loco, and one I have no knowledge of, other than from Ken, or the .org. Working on some images.
    I'm still trying to figure out where I stop cutting, and start the (good enough) line is.

    Please carry on my friends,
  3. Thanks Tom. Like I have said before my modeling time is really a reflection of my boring life. With my wife and I working opposite shifts I dont have many distractions once the youngest two kids are in bed each night. All my friends are virtual, in other states or countries. Plus the stuff I paint is normally stuff that doesnt need much work. My main customer only buys high end models so I don't have to detail it. My dad and I are the same way usually too.
    Funny you say that about making models dirty though. I may have finally met my match. I am finishing up 801 and it turned out so smooth and shiny I MIGHT just leave it that way!! I have a factory painted torpedo boat GP35 I got from Ken a while ago. I cant bring myself to weather it. This may be a nice partner for it.

    I cant wait to see your new project. I am assuming an S2 because Ken has said before he wished one existed. Good luck whatever it is and hope you share it soon.
  4. So you guys dont think it is all paint work here these days. I do have one standard large scale crazy project going too. Like always I know when I see a picture that I need a model of it. When I first saw the SL-SF 1700 caboose/taco stand I fell in love. Its ate at me a while. I got started on it not too long ago. Here is where it stands right now. My wife and kids are kayaking for a few days so I am modeling. 1/29th scale. I started with a USA Trains EV caboose. It needed stretched 1 1/4". The windows relocated and shaped to suit. The cupola roof smoothed out. This is a slow burn project though. As I get to it sort of deal. Maybe get to take it out next summer if all goes well globally. Any how, enough chatter how about some pictures!...
  5. klrwhizkid

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    WOW, Steve. I'm glad you didn't start with a perfectly good Frisco caboose, but the project is pretty wild. I like it.
  6. Thanks Keith. I try to start projects by cutting up green equipment first. Ha
  7. meteor910

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    Agree with other's comments about the Dow tank car. Excellent! Being that I was in the chemical business, I can confirm that most of the cars looked just like Steve's treatment.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation Ken. Glad you enjoyed it too.
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  9. mark

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    One cannot cut up, paint over or otherwise eradicate that green @#$* fast enough!

    Strongly recommend wearing a mask and removing ALL traces of the former before moving on. Also, be sure to wash your hands and all surfaces thoroughly afterward with a strong disinfectant to eliminate any possible spread.

    Looking forward to a huge and vast improvement over where you started.

    Hope this helps.


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  10. SLSF Freak

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    It's painful to see the condition that caboose is in, but man I'm looking forward to seeing your finished work on this!

  11. Mark I could not agree more. Great tips!!! Haha

    Thanks Mike. I think I might stuff it with chorizo so it smells right and attracts flies after a couple days too. Ha

    thanks as always guys!
  12. SLSF Freak

    SLSF Freak Staff Member Staff Member Supporter

    Ok I laughed out loud on that. I love chorizo!
  13. Same here. A big reason I am fat.
  14. rjthomas909

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    Great stuff Steve....also saw your post on MRH forum. I have said it before, your work is so good it makes me want to hit my stuff with a hammer!

    I did not have anything this past Wednesday, but here is a quick mini project.

    I showed recently that I am working to fill in this area on my Weir City sections of the layout with a short two-track wooden culvert.


    I had cut the pieces and at the time watched a video by Peter Bowen (I think that is right) during the NMRA-x week. He had a clinic about scratch building wood structures, and soaking the pieces in a shoe dye dissolved in isopropyl alcohol to give a weathered wood look. The results he showed were really amazing. I purchased this dye off of Amazon:

    IMG_20200726_181604 (3).jpg

    Mixing a dropper full with about a pint of isopropyl alcohol, I stained up the pieces that I had pre-cut to make two retaining walls/supports as well as a wood deck. I added a few nut-bolt-washer details and I think turned out pretty good:


    The deck is a short platform that will carry two tracks and will be ballasted. I will get this weathered up a bit with some washes and get it installed soon.

    A nice project when you just have a few minutes here and there.

    Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
  15. Thanks Bob. I really liked your NMRAx presentation. You did a nice presentation. Tour guide at a mining museum sounds like a fantasy job!!! I learned alot about Kansas coal. I would never really think of coal and Kansas like you said.
    Your little bridge here is a beauty. Nicely done.
  16. rjthomas909

    rjthomas909 Member Supporter

    Thanks Steve (and those that replied in the other thread). It was the first time that I had done that presentation and just about ran out of time. I am glad that I made that movie, as I did not have time to get up and take the phone camera around the layout.

    The bridge was a good "teleconference" project. I think I only had 4 work hours last week that I was not on a call. Telework is wearing me down pretty quick.

    Take Care Everyone!

    -Bob T.
  17. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    You guys have been busy. Great to see your progress photos.
    Bob your NMRA-x presentation was great, I really enjoyed viewing it.
    Great work Steve. I have thought a few years about cutting up a 40' boxcar and make one of those 1700 series cabooses. I keep holding out for a 3D version. Although I do understand the modelers law. Inthat nothing will be forthcoming until I build one, then I am confident there will be multiple choices available.
    Here are a few images of the Frisco S2 progress so far, not as far along as I wanted to be just other stuff getting in the way.
    I decided to shave and sand all the grab irons, not so much because they were cast on but to make decaling a bit easier and hopefully better. Man, those curved grab irons were a bear to do so many angles and curves , Also built a taller stack, and added that 5 chime Leslie. Still need to drill out a place for the class lights and add the nail type antenna, still working on underframe details as well, I will get some images of those when more progress is made.
    Still as ways to go.
    Thanks for stopping by.
  18. Nice work as usual Tom. That’s gonna be neat.
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  19. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Superb work, Tom. No visible traces of the cast-on grabs, and your grabs are parallel, etc. Excellent.

    Is that a "Yellow Box" Atlas/Kato? I have some of the latest (last few years) Altas Gold S-2's w/LokSound and they are excellent models and the sounds are great.

    Curious: What did you use for the stack extension? The correct flange at the top caught my attention.

  20. gjslsffan

    gjslsffan Staff Member Staff Member

    Thanks Steve, I appreciate it.

    Thanks Andre, Yessir, an old Yellow box Atlas. I would think the newer Atlas's have separate grabs, but have never seen one up close.
    I made the stack on my Sherline lathe, still a little bit of work to do to that as well.
    Thanks for the comments.

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