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Discussion in 'General' started by yardmaster, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Keith that’s awesome. I love that body style Toy!
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    Nice job, Alfred!
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  3. Thanks!!
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  4. With my apologies to the Frisco gods again, here is a couple I just finished up here. Not Wednesday but it was a great morning for photos here I got sunburnt taking pics.






  5. Here's a couple of the hi-tech set up I have too. LOL


  6. Coonskin

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    Excellent work and excellent photography!

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  7. Thanks Andre!
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    I like the use of the trees mounted temporarily in foam to create the shadows, making the image even more realistic.
  9. Thanks Keith. I was trying to make some shadows from the foreground. Seemed to work ok. They are just the cheap hobby store ready made trees. Glad you liked it.
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  10. rjthomas909

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    Howdy All,

    The Summer 2020 Structure Building Extravaganza continues on the Crawford and Cherokee. Still doing my best to build out the pile of kits that I have collected without adding more, with limited success.

    I made a bit more progress on the Mine Mount Models "Randy's Auto Repair". I will make this "Cline's or Kline's" garage after the list of shops in the area. I added roofing, some of the detail castings, and worked a bit on a garage door more appropriate for 1920s.



    This is a nice kit and I am still working to improve construction and details. Eventually some weathering as well. Thanks all for providing some sign info. I have downloaded a few and ordered some online to try.

    At the same time I found these two small kits that will be an Assay Office and garage for the workers. The SE Kansas coal fields certainly need these guys. They are AMB "Laser-Kits" from St. Louis, MO.


    The garage has nice door details (I need to straighten the hinges) which would work well on the auto shop. I ordered another of the small garage kit and will put this kind of door on the Mine Mount Models garage. I think more appropriate for 1920s than a roll-up garage door.

    I also worked a couple of Blair Line models. These are nice kits from Carthage, MO. Some even have the part numbers etched on the wood part carriers.

    Green Door Lounge:


    Now, the Crawford and Cherokee is set in prohibition times, so we will need some appropriate signage. "Closed for One Year for Violations of Prohibition Laws"? Maybe a restaurant? Soda pop advertisements?

    The second is the "Blairstown General Store"

    Blairstown-Gen-Store-Front.JPG Blairstown-Gen-Store-Back.JPG

    Still a work-in-progress, needing roofing and trim. Probably will call this "Simone's Market" or "Ascanio's Market" which were good Weir and Cherokee store names. Maybe "Ferraro's General Store" after the store in Carona KS. Another nice kit for sure. Both of these would be suited to interior details. The Green Door Lounge even has interior walls on both floors.

    I also added roofing to the scratch built pump house that @Jim James sent me.

    Pump-House-1.JPG Pump-House-2.JPG

    Roofing needs weathering, but a nice structure for me only doing 3% of the work. A nice thing about the Mine Mount kits is that they include plenty of extra roofing material that you can apply elsewhere.

    All this together is giving us a start on a nice Weir City town of "Going Concern". Here a few of the recent structures posed together.


    Now, this is just posed on the street on the wye of Weir City because that module was out. They will mostly go along Main Street and will have continuous wood sidewalks, with the exception of the Cline's garage, which will go somewhere along here or south of the grain elevator. I will probably build out a few more before turning to weathering. I am considering a small diorama along these lines for photos of structures as I build them, and when the layout is stowed....more next week, I hope.

    Well, I pray all are doing well. Take care!

    -Bob T.
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    Wow, nice buildings, Bob. I look forward to Main Street.
    I worked on my Mikado a bit more. I got a deal on it because someone removed the NYC lettering but rubbed too hard, damaging the paint. I cleaned it up and put a few coats of engine black on the tender and the cab:
    I suppose I should paint the cab roof as long as I'm at it.

    Trying to decide what number it should be. It looks to be a Lima model, so I was thinking 4013 or 4018 would work.
  12. Joe Lovett

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    Bob, you have been busy. Great looking kits and scratch built pump house, Jim does fantastic work. He gave me a general store about two months ago and like you need to repair the roof.

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  13. klrwhizkid

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    D@%$, that's a lot of tiny HO scale nails to drive putting on that siding!

    Nice models, nice work!
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  14. Ok so its Friday but I have most of the paint on the 1700 caboose now. Just need to finish the roof stretch.



  15. Another one I am working on. Just a filler car, I must have started in the mod 90s. Its a Walther's kit I had started and forgot until I found it in a box. I used gray primer for paint. Some decals I got from Kens moving sale and going to finish this thing after 20 plus years.

  16. rjthomas909

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    Awe. Sum. Gonna be a great one!
  17. Thanks Bob!
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  18. 80555529-C75B-4BC3-BA1A-EA1E826C928F.jpeg 01075544-03F4-4134-B149-09C4E8368829.jpeg 202E15B8-EA29-4DB9-8884-8D967AE60E4A.jpeg

    I made a little progress on the big 1700. Decals and window frame paint. Looks a little better that way. Thanks for checking it out!
  19. BEE5BF4F-4990-4A0F-9BB8-4FB07308ACA7.jpeg Also finished a Chessie caboose to go with the GP7 above.
    3B533D1D-1FA7-4737-9B9F-28177C8F6ABD.jpeg 813BB1E6-FDFF-49B4-9624-0D642ADF7BFA.jpeg 66042B19-ED6E-4B87-96D9-3432A51A84BA.jpeg
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    Really like the AMB Garage and the Blair Line general store - good looking structures, especially for a pre-50s layout. Going to have to check those out.
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