Wood Boxcars - Pre 1920 and SLSF Predecessors

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  1. Outside braced box still alive in 1977.
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    Scale test car there too, altho in this angle doesn't look like it is coupled to it. A cool catch, pretty late for that car to be in revenue service I would think.
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    40ft? Truss Rod Boxcars (from Richard Crabtree’s Frisco Rails Across Missouri Facebook Page).
  4. Looks like a model!
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    I suspect the paint scheme shown on the two Frisco boxcars in the first photograph in this thread (Frisco Yards, Pittsburg KS) is close to if not the original Frisco paint scheme. A number of Frisco box cars in this scheme appear in the background of photos taken in 1885 during the construction of the railroad bridge at Van Buren, Arkansas. Unfortunately they are so far in the background that all details are lost in enlargements. Example attached. Anyone ever see a "good" photograph of a car in this scheme? 1885 Van Buren AR.jpg
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    Would it be possible for you to post the entire photo, also? I would enjoy seeing it in its entirety.

    Here's a re-post of a picture I've shared in the past that shows the boxcar lettering somewhat better. This photo is taken at Talihina, I.T. (OK) during the construction of the line through the Ouachita mountains (in this case the Winding Stair Range). which would be the late-1880s.


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    Also features the Frisco Freight House, center right, at 12th Street
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    Somehow I’d overlooked this photo. That original 12th Street viaduct sure looks spindly. And about as good of a photo of the overall freight house complex as I’ve seen.
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