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Discussion in 'Surviving Equipment' started by Iantha_Branch, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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    What STEAM locomotives are left other than 1522 and 1630?
  2. meteor910

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    SLSF 1501 in Rolla, SLSF 4524 in Springfield, SLSF 1621 and SLSF 3695 here in StL at the NMOT. SLSF 77 was in Victoria, Ark - still there?

    There are several others as well - SLSF 1519 for one. I have a listing of all of them somewhere but I don't know where it is. There are additional 1500's, 1350's, 4000's and 4500's for sure.

  3. tomd6 (Tom Duggan RIP 2/11/2018)

    tomd6 (Tom Duggan RIP 2/11/2018) Passed Away February 11, 2018

    4003 is at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum.
  4. train61

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    Sad to say, that you won't see "Ol Mikie", 4018, restored in Birmingham.:(
    The shed, covering him for around 50 yrs, fell. The workmen got "sloppy", I heard.
    Lots of damage, the Boiler is breached. There was a chance, but now, they just dont want to invest the money to get him running
    On a brighter note, they will be working to have him as a static display at Sloss Furnace NHS in Birmingham.:)|-|
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  5. U-3-b

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    This is a list I made up a while back and it may not still be correct but it gives you an idea of what is left. I did not put any towns as I know some engines have moved.

    2-8-2 4018 in Alabama
    4-8-2 1527 in Alabama
    2-8-2 4003 in Arkansas
    2-6-0 73 in Arkansas
    2-8-2 1318 in Florida
    0-6-0 3749 in Florida
    2-8-2 1352 in Illiniois
    2-10-0 1632 in Kansas
    2-8-0 77 Not sure if it is still in Mississippi
    4-8-2 1529 in Mississippi
    4-8-2 1522 in Missouri
    2-10-0 1621 in Missouri
    0-6-0 3695 in Missouri
    4-8-2 1501 in Missouri
    4-8-4 4516 in Missouri
    4-8-4 4524 in Missouri
    2-8-0 76 I think in Ohio
    2-10-0 1615 in Oklahoma
    4-8-2 1519 in Oklahoma
    4-8-2 1526 in Oklahoma
    4-8-4 4500 in Oklahoma
    2-8-2 1351 in Tennessee
    2-10-0 1625 in Texas
    4-8-4 4501 in Texas

  6. 73 was still in Victoria, AR in December of 08. She showed some wear but I think it would be grand to be restored just for display though. My uncle lives near Victoria so every time I see him he takes me to where I can get a shot of the old engine.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    :)Murphy Millican
  7. railroadguy65

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    :) Steve

    Do you want all of the cities too? I can help, Paul
  8. gbmott

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    I'm curious to the reference to "2-8-2 1318 in Florida". Either the number or the wheel arrangement is wrong (1318 was a 2-8-0), but I'm most interested in exactly where it is.


  9. railroadguy65

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  10. U-3-b

    U-3-b Member Frisco.org Supporter

    I have old numbers and the new so yes you are right I meant 1355.

  11. friscobob

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    The two steamers mentioned as being in Texas (1625 and 4501) are at the Age of Steam Museum in Dallas, in Fair Park. This museum is slated to be moved to a new site at Frisco (how appropriate :D ), TX, one of the cities in the D-FW Metrosprawl.
  12. U-3-b

    U-3-b Member Frisco.org Supporter

    I saw them in 1993 on my one and only trip to Dallas. I would like to see them in their new home.

  13. :) I just came back from Dallas,TX with the Alma High School Airedale concert band it was a great trip. We played at the meyerson Center and went to Six Flags. My best friend drove me over to the museum and we ate lunch there on our free time. Great to see two more Frisco steamers preserved. I'm going on aton of trips through Frisco towns so i'm enjoying band!!!!!
  14. trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017)

    trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017) Passed away September 22, 2017

    I can tell there are plenty of steam engines left but what I can't tell is whether or not there are any SLSF diesels left. By that I mean...left in there SLSF paint. So...are there any SLSF-painted diesels left and if so...where (city, st)? If not, are there any former SLSF diesels surviving in either BN or BNSF paint? I'd like to see one in the SLSF orange and white colors but anything is better than nothing.
  15. HWB

    HWB FRISCO.org Supporter

    In a word..nothing. There are no O/W units. The green monster saw to that. I'm sure there are surviving Frisco units still in service on the BNSF. With an up to date BNSF locomotive roster you could quickly see which unit were still running.
  16. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    BN/BNSF 6845 was SLSF 955 in her better days.

  17. Karl

    Karl 2008 Engineer of the Year Frisco.org Supporter

    There is a fantasy F-9, #814, nee NP 7003D, in B/Y garb, running at the Oklahoma Railway Museum, OKC. The original 567c prime mover has been replaced with 645 prime mover.

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  18. FRISCO4503

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    HA HA HAAAA The Old Girl just FLAT Refuses to give up!
  19. Joseph Toth

    Joseph Toth Member

    How many Plain Jane GP7s are left?

    Would love to see one go to Frisco, Texas, when the former Age of Rust gets moved!

    In Black and Yellow, is understood!

    Joe Toth
  20. trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017)

    trainchaser007 (Brandon Adams RIP 9/22/2017) Passed away September 22, 2017

    Sounds like there is more Frisco steam left than diesel. One thing I'd like to know is if any of the UB30's somehow survived...even if they're green?

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