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    The March 1927 issue of the FEM has a one page article about the duties of a pumper. The article contains a small photo of a pump house, which I presume was taken by the author of the article one Mr Albert Phillips of Tuttle, OK. It's nothing too detailed, but it gives a nice look at one of the many jobs required to keep things mov'n' on the Frisco.

    The issue also contains an article about the new Springfield depot.


    The FEM's are always worth a look!
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    This one has escaped my eye. Very well written and a good description of the work.

    I'm struck by how much pride of ownership that various Frisco employees took in their grounds, and Mr. Phillips is no exception, especially with flower beds around the pump house!

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    I realize I've got to clean up around my Brownwood water tank and pump house. Hmmmm. I never imagined a flower bed.
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    Speaking of flowers, the same FEM issue had a blurb about the Frisco Florist.
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    Maybe this is more historical than modeling but the small towns included state of the art RR personnel, e.g. telegraphers, section crew foremen and pumpers. These were well respected positons. Many of the pumpers were stationary engineers and as such operated steam powered water pumps and steam powered coal handling equipment.
    My grandfather's brother, Denzil Madden,was a pumper at Williford, AR and is shown in the 1920 & 1930 census's as stationary engineer. A family picture shows them operating a steam farm tractor pulling stumps on a farm. He was also a Deputy Sheriff in Sharpe County, AR.
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