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  1. I added one pic in Tom's "weathering the fleet" thread. Here is some more. Nothing spectacular, This is a nearly out of the box Stewart VO. I only had to number it and add FRISCO items like the sunshades, cold weather grille cover and sheet metal across the front handrails. Then a coonskin under the headlight.
    For the tarp I just used tissue paper soaked in watered down white glue. The sunshades are white construction paper from the kids stash. Styrene and stainless wire made the piece across the front with a couple Herald King stripes.
    For weathering I faded the paint with some dark gray acrylics thinned to a wash. Then after sealing with dulcoat I washed with some burnt umber oils. Some tan drybrushing lightly here and there and on the trucks. I added some black oils around the journals. The exhaust has some pastels around it for burnt rust and some graphite on some raised surfaces for a worn metal look. I was hoping for a just before repowering look.
    Hope you like her, Steve
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    Good job, and everyone knows I don't like diesels. I had one of the Stewart units and they do run very good. When I dirty up everything and dullcoat, then I put the glazing in. Most of the time, engines had reasonable clean windows even if they were filthy.
    Looks good enough, I can smell the diesel fuel.
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    Another bang up job Steve! Looks very good, I have one of these, been staring at me to do something with it for a long time. Hope it turns out as good as yours.
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    I have two Frisco Baldwins, a VO-1000 and a VO-660. This is giving me ideas...
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    Love the Baldwin VO's! Steve's 236 has the accurate look of one of the VO's that has served long and well, and shows it!

    I never saw a four-stack VO in operation. The VO was a relatively low RPM diesel engine, and they say you could see the individual cylinder exhausts come up through the four stacks when it was idling.

    I've noted this several times - will do so again - one detail I always thought added a realistic touch to the Stewart VO's is to add the small radiator cap on top of the fairing just behind the headlight on the nose above the radiator. Take a look at the prototype photos - it's up there. I always added a small scrap of round plastic up there just to indicate the radiator cap.

    I still have my SLSF 213 here, a one stacker (Baldwin delivered the VO-1000's to the SLSF with one, two and four stacks), and it looks as good as ever. I have it on display on my credenza. The Stewart models are great, except for the lettering and number fonts - too thick. I always re-decaled them using the MS decals. The Stewart Baldwins run smooth as silk, though they won't pull a lot of cars (as opposed to the real ones!).

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    Steve, the tarp is an especially nice touch. And, I suspect nearly any model railroader with kids has raided their arts/crafts supplies at one time or another. :)

    Best Regards,
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    Gary, either of two Soundtraxx decoders could be used: the TSU-1100 #885004 or the TSU-PNP 885015.

    The TSU-PNP makes for a fairly easy very clean installation by limiting the amount of wire flowing around underhood. Place a sugar-cube type speaker on the front truck and direct-wire an LED/resistor to the headlight terminals on the decoder board. Start a Conversation with me about the decoders/speaker and I can fix you up at very low cost and it will sound great.
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  9. Thanks guys!

    Don, I agree I should have pulled the glass but it looked like a pretty good chance of really screwing up the interior to me. I never considered you check the diesel threads! :)

    Thanks Tom, I am sure yours will look great AND actually get run unlike mine. I actually did run this once which is unlike me.
    Gary, hopefully this will motivate you to get yours together.
    Chris thanks! I raid the kids stuff and my wifes possessions often. I will liberate what I need from time to time.
    Ken , thanks! I agree these were always attractive engines. Do you get the MRH weekly emails? Your old FM 270 I got from you was the model they featured in it last week.
    Keith I cant imagine stuffing a speaker under that shell, it was stuffed full just adding the digitraxx decoder I thought. I would be interested in sound if it is feasible though.
  10. klrwhizkid

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    I will post Tsunami installation instructions for the VO-1000 within the next 24 hours and will post a link to the thread here when complete. I completed the installation while taking pictures between this post and my last (at 2:13) while surfing the net as well.

    My friends (including Rick McClellan) for whom I have done installations will attest to the sound quality.
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  11. Thanks Keith. Perfect timing. Can't wait to see this. Any idea about what it cost to add sound? Thanks
  12. gna

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    I'm not sure what decoder my friend used--it may not have been Soundtraxx, even--but it did "burble" like a Baldwin. Loksound, maybe? I'll ask next time I see him. I believe he put the speaker in the cab area, but it was a tight fit.

    My VO-1000 is together, just not weathered at all, but don't know what I did with the couplers. The VO-660 hasn't been detailed at all. As far as putting sound in, the budget won't allow it for the moment. I have a few steam sound decoders and a few diesel sound decoders installed, and I do have a Tsunami 567 and another Yellow Soundtraxx (bought on closeout), and I'm trying to decide what loco gets what.
  13. klrwhizkid

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    Here are the installation instructions with pictures: http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/tsunami-sound-in-vo-1000.10598/

    I am the sales agent for a hobby shop. The TSU-PNP will cost you $74.57, the speaker $10.21, LEDs $1.oo each, resistors $0.25 each and add $2 more for heat shrink and body molding tape to complete the job.
    You will be impressed by the sound. If you don't feel comfortable doing the work yourself, contact me via Conversation.
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  14. Thanks I will read through this and let you know how brave I am or not.
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  15. meteor910

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    Steve - Which MRH issue is it that the FM SLSF 270 (o/w) is in? I used to read MRH but gave it up a year ago given all the ruckus with our move to Florida. I'd like to see it.

  16. Ken it was the add for the current issue but not in the issue.
    But make sure you watch the September "what's neat with ken Patterson". HINT. :D

    I'll post a pic of that add here.
  17. meteor910

    meteor910 2009 Engineer of the Year Staff Member Frisco.org Supporter

    Steve -
    Great, thanks!
    I love see my former stuff being shown around, even if I didn't do much of the ultimate work on what is shown!
    ps - Been getting back into my naval history hobby. Surprisingly, I seem to have kept a higher percentage of the books I had on naval matters, probably because there were only minimal naval models, all sold, vs the huge amount of railroad model items, but also an equal number of naval books vs RR books. Doing a lot of catch-up reading, plus bought two new books on the High Seas Fleet designs, and considering two on Fletcher class destroyers. Only RR book purchased since Florida has been the "Smoke over Oklahoma" book, which I enjoyed. Still selling some RR stuff. Love both hobbies!

    Just received the GM&O Hist Society publication "GM&O News". Good issue for fellow StL area folks as they have a major article on Alton, Illinois. I remember many fond days with my family going up to Alton to watch the river traffic around the Alton locks, and the rail traffic - IT, CB&Q, MKT, GM&O, etc. But, also in this issue is a very nice article about the Mobile & Gulf RR, a tiny short line in Alabama only 11 miles long, with one 2-6-0 for power. My point in mentioning this is that the author, who managed to obtain several rides on the M&G engine, noted that one of his fond memories was that the 2-6-0 was equipped with a "deep, former Frisco steamboat whistle" that gave a melody to the pine forests the M&G traversed. Isn't it great the simple little things our Frisco is remembered for?
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  18. gjslsffan

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    Does anyone have or know of roof shots of these repowered with EMD prime mover? I think I will go that route, I always seem to make it as difficult as possible for myself.
  19. meteor910

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    Tom -
    Don't think I had any roof shots, but I would think the hood top on a re-powered VO-1000 would closely resemble a SW9 hood. The hood on the Baldwin needs to be longer and taller, with no step down before the cab, but otherwise I think EMD would have used the same layout up top.

    If I can figure out how to load all my pics into this crazy Apple MacBook, I'll do some looking.

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  20. Same here Tom!!! Funny I plan on one of these in the very near future too. The more I study it the tougher it looks.

    Thanks Ken. That would be a big help.
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