The Troop Train was not Merely a Mode of Transportation, it was an Institution

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    While looking for the meaning of ODT Order 53, I came across this gem. This work is an ALL encompassing look the the US Military's effort to move men and materiel during World War II. It's a wonderful piece that should answer almost any question related to military rail transportation.
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    I still marvel at how America mobilized and the railroads handled all f the traffic during WWII. We couldn't do all of that today.
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    WOW is right Ken. Thanks for finding this jewel, Karl. I really like the photos they show of military equipment being loaded on railcars. One in particular was 16 quarter ton trucks loaded on a flatcar and a whole train of these. Another photo shows Russian locomotives loaded on a cargo ship. A person could spend weeks reading all of the material.

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    This is going to make for some very fun reading. More photos, too, than I would have expected.

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