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    On May 12, 1946, the Frisco altered the run and schedule of its trains N0 117 and No 118, The Firefly. Commencing on that date, The Firefly ceased to be. "New" trains No 117 and No 118 operated under a new name, The Texas Flash. The "new" trains No 117 and No 118 operated between Kansas City and Dallas on a speedy, daylight, 10.5 hour schedule with the former Firefly's train consist.

    The new schedule was short-lived, and on May 1, 1947, the Firefly returned, and it resumed its "original" schedule between Kansas City and Oklahoma City. Seventy years ago during November 1949, the Frisco announced its intention to shorten the Firefly's run to Tulsa. On April 30, 1950, The Firefly no longer called on OKC.
    Pacific 1026 was the first to leave the roster on May 31, 1949, and sister 1031 left the roster on October 4, 1949.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.
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    It’s so polite!

    A bygone era!
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