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Discussion in 'Surviving Equipment' started by friscomike, May 27, 2001.

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    Giving this thread a bump. As of June 2020, is the 1630 the last remaining and operating Frisco steam locomotive?
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    2-8-0 #77 is still running in Canada on the Alberta Prairie as their #41.

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    (11 min 35 sec Sept 29, 2012)

    Baldwin class 10-32 E 175 delivered Dec 1920
    St. Louis San Francisco #77, on 3/17/1926.
    Mississippian #77, on 3/12/1947.

    I enjoyed the conversations. My granduncle was a locomotive engineer on the Soo in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He "waved to the country girl" every run, then courted her and she married him in 1921.

    The Alberta Prairie website says "COVID-19 has put our 2020 season on hold for the time being."

    Thanks for your post, Robert, which led me to the video. -- George.
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    Watching the video brought back a lot of good memories. Back when she was still owned by the Muscle Shoals Railroad Club I used to work on her, fire her run her and push coal ahead on excursions on the Southern. I was in the coal pile on the tender on October 6, 1972 when she broke the #4 drive axle at about 35 mph just outside Courtland, Alabama. I thought we were going over but she settled down and Bill got her stopped. Bill Purdie of the Southern Railway was running her when the axle broke. That truly was a day to remember.

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