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    Does anyone know the present status of Frisco 4500 which was moved to a restoration site in Tulsa from Owasso Oklahoma? Has restoration begun? Where is it to be placed once restored?

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    According to the database, No. 4500 is stored and they are trying to sell it.

    Sad that such a historical piece of equipment has no value to Tulsa Parks and Recreation.
  3. mike

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    as a member of the crew that moved 4500, from owasso to tulsa. it is under cosmetic restoration. the display location is proposed to be on the westside in the riverpark. it is not for sale! be warned though the engine was stripped barebones and the parts was unlabled, so the effort will be a long time to complete. i will try to keep this info up to date as things happen. please be patient. thanks
  4. gary

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    There are 2 here in Columbus,Ks.One sets at an individuals house and it had been on fire when in service.Another is setting at the Columbus Museum.

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    Caboose 1104 found in North Denver, Colorado. I believe it was built 6-37 according to marks on side. Anyone know anything about it? I have some photos if anyone is interested.
  7. In branson MO. there is frisco caboose 1156 at the station and I was wondering if any one knows the history of this caboose.
  8. There is a frisco MOW passenger car at oklahoma city OK. that has been converted to a kitchen and sleeper for the workers. They also have a F7A unit that they're try to get it to work but are having problems with the motor. |-|
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  10. RogerRT

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    Nope, not true. It is a ex-NP caboose.RRT
  11. |-| until about five years ago there was a lot fo railcars in a feild across the street from the red roof mall at branson mo. and there was a couple of steam locomotives and some had frisco logos on them. dose anyone know what happened to them.|-|
  12. |-| in ft. smith,AR there is a frisco box car on display beside frisco 4003 on the other side of the trolley museums car barn.|-|
  13. there should be a specion on here for the 1522 stema loco, would like to see more pics of he. and will she ever be back on the rails>?? If anyone has any pics of here in springfield would be cool to see . thanks
  14. clh1

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    would like to seee the 1506 photo's, enjoy any old frisco surviving equipemnt's. ,larry
  15. friscomike

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    0-6-0 Dallas Tx., Age of Steam Railroad Museum
    2-8-0 Gettysburg, Pa., Gettysburg Railroad file 1351
    2-8-2 Collierville, Ten.
    2-8-0 Taylorville, Ill., I&M Engine house Restored, s65 1501 1500 4-8-2 Rolla, Mo., City park fs26 1519 1500 4-8-2 Enid, Ok., Railroad Museum of NW Ok fs35 1522 1500 4-8-2 St.Louis, Mo., Museum of Transport Operational, file 1526 1500 4-8-2 Lawton, Ok., Museum of the Great Plains fs32 1527 1500 4-8-2 Mobile, Al., Spring Hill Park file, s80 1529 1500 4-8-2 Amory, Ms., Frisco Park
    1615 Russian 2-10-0 Altus, Ok., Park c66 1621 Russian 2-10-0 St.Louis, Mo., Museum of Transport file 1625 Russian 2-10-0 Dallas Tx., Age of Steam Railroad Museum s30, c66 1630 Russian 2-10-0 Union, Ill., Illinois Railway Museum Operational, file, c67 1632 Russian 2-10-0 Belton, Mo., Smokey Hill Railroad Museum file 3695
    0-6-0 St.Louis, Mo., Museum of Transportation
    0-6-0 Orlando, Fla., Church street station s78 4003 USRA1 2-8-2 Fort Smith, Ar., Trolly Museum
    4018 USRA1 2-8-2 Birmingham, Al., Fairgrounds park
    4500 4500 4-8-4 Owasso, Ok., Sunbelt Railroad Historical Trust Restored, s59-61 4501 4500 4-8-4 Dallas Tx., Age of Steam Railroad Museum fs3-36, c202-204 4516 4500 4-8-4 Sedalia, Mo., State Fairgrounds
    4524 4500 4-8-4 Springfield, Mo., Grant Beach Park file, fs48
    This list is courtesy of John G Hollembeak Please send updates to John.
  16. friscochoctaw

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    In Hugo, OK at the museum there's an MOW Frisco baggage car; does anybody know the history of it?
  17. frisco1522

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    Dallas doesn't have a Frisco 0-6-0, but the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis does, the 3695.
  18. friscochoctaw

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    Right! The 0-6-0 at the (now) Museum of the American Railroad, (formerly) The Age of Steam Railroad Museum, is the last steam switcher used by the Dallas Union Terminal Co. (#6). AOS has a |-| 4500 series 4-8-4, and a (Russian) Decapod.
  19. Ishmael

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    The last time I saw 4-8-2 #1501 in the Rolla, MO City Park, it had been repainted. Not a very good job, it looked like a Lionel model. I hope someone has updated it.
    This was about 15 years ago. Sadly, I have been in Rolla a couple of times in the last year and didn't think to go get a look.
  20. allen casey

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    I would like to learn about #1651. Do you have photos?

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