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  1. friscomike

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    Frisco steam locomotive locations submitted by John G Hollembeak

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  2. friscomike

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    Frisco Passenger car locations from John Hollembeak


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  3. rogerrt477

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    Frisco Preserved Caboose Notes-
    1) 893 from Ada, OK.
    2) 1101 donated 1981.
    3) 1104 blt.9-37 RCD 4-73.
    4) 1145 donated 5/14/83 by Frisco CEO R.C.Grayson.
    5) 1147 blt.9/38.
    6) 1158 West Plains, MO. scrapped 1984.
    7) 1430 sold at auction 1994.
    8) 1703 donated 6/18/85, restored L98-E99.
    9) 1712 donated before 3/88
  4. gnufe

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    The 1500 series cafe/lounge is 1506 and is actually in Tenn, but will hopefully be in Ky this fall. At the moment it is in pretty sad shape, but it can be restored. I have pics, if interested.

  5. paul

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    QA&P #6666/SLSF 10 is in Fredericksburg,Texas.

    I posted more information, including a link to more information about the car in the QA&P section of the
    resource center.
  6. paul

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    Coach/Buffet/Lounge #1651 "Ladue" is currently sitting in a salvage yard off Division Street in Springfiled,Mo.

    The other Dinning car which was rebuilt from an observation
    car (Tulsa, if the chart above is correct) is on abriviated
    rails in Republic,MO. The car looks like it is in the
    middle of a restoration, but the restoration efforts
    haven't been active for a while.

    I have photos of both of these cars and I will be posting them to the prototype\passenger cars section of the resource center this week.
  7. paul

    paul Guest

    While not a specific location, it appears at least
    two of frisco's 14-4 streamlined sleapers are still
    in operable status and owned by High Iron Travel out of

    The two cars are the "Cimarron River" and the "Pierre LaClede".

    There isn't any specific information about the "Cimmaron River",
    but there are photos of the "Caritas" (as the
    "Pierre Laclede" is now known) on the website. The
    "Caritas" has been rebuilt into an open platform
    observation car.
  8. tony

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    Paul--Information on SLSF sleeper Cimarron River, maybe more than you want to know. My brother and I bought car in 1983 from VIA, Canada's Amtrak. We upgraded the car to meet Amtrak standards, and repainted it silver and red, to match orginal scheme as close as possible. The car has flat carbon steel sides, not fluting like when Frisco had it. The Canadian National removed the fluting and re-sided the car when they bought it from the Frisco in 1965 and renovated it. We painted the areas where there was fluting silver, but did not do any shadow striping--just too big a project. The car fully meets Amtrak requirements and has run over 250,000 miles since we started running it again in 1986. The interior is largely unchanged from its original, although has been repainted, etc. Still has roomettes and bedrooms, although we converted one roomette to a shower and general toilet. Not much Frisco was left of the car when we got it. Some seat cushions and trim parts are marked with the car name underneath. The car lives in the St. Louis area. We do operate public trips a few times a year, so contact me if you are interested. I suspect you have seen photos of this car over the years, as it has often run with 1522 as crew dorm car.
  9. tony

    tony Guest

    Adding to "friscomike" 's list:
    Streamlined RPO "Normandy" is also at StLouis National Museum of Transport in sad shape--fluting falling off.
    Business Car #3, which was in Kansas City RR Museum/Smoky Hill, is now at Illinois Transit Assembly in Madison IL (near St. Louis). Privately owned, but just being stored for now.
    Streamlined coach-lounge-buffet "Sterling Price" was in Pittsburg, KS for years in front yard of private owner. Sold and moved 5 or so years ago and supposedly stored somewhere in Kansas City area. Also supposedly may be destined for Midland Railway in Baldwin City, KS.
    There is a heavyweight baggage car on the tourist railroad Austin & Texas Central. It was repainted for movie, but quick paint job and you can see "Frisco" underneath. I do not have ##.
  10. ozark

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    I'm about to purchase the heavyweight lounge car "Oklahoma City" and restore it to it's FRISCO heritage. ANyone with info,specs or photos could really help me out.
  11. john

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    Expanding the the message below, my company Ozark Mountain Railcar recently purchased ex SLSF heavyweight lounge car "Oaklahoma City". It was built in 1933 by ACF as a diner and then rebuilt in 1934 by Springfield Shops into a full lounge. We plan to do a full restoration of the car and return it back to serivce for use in excursions and perhaps Amtrak. We would appreciate anyone's help in locating photos, specs or any other information on this car. Feel free to contact our office at 417-546-643 or Once we begin to work on the car we will be posting photos of the progress on the RIP TRACK page of our website at
  12. mike

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    Roger Kirkpatrick Caboose locations


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  13. timothy

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    SLSF 73

    What's the story behind this loco? I know part of it's history, former J,LC&E and then Frisco, but no one seems to have it on existing steam location lists. What am I missing here?

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  14. paul

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    Collias's Frisco Power shows #73 was sold to the Delta Valley and Southern in 1945. It says it was put on display in Victoria,Arkansas, but doesn't give a date.
  15. timothy

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    Thanks Paul. I took this photo Tues.May 27(yesterday) at Victoria, Ark. I only live an hour and a half north of there so my son and I took a quick trip down there. I have been there a couple times in the last 20 years but could not find a photo. It appears this loco and cars have been there for quite some time.
  16. roger

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    Here's a new one:

    1717 Polk Co.Historical Museum, Crookson, MN.
  17. william

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    Wooden caboose no. 752 is setting in the yard of a private residence a few miles north of Cook Station MO. It was hauled by train to Cook Station sometime in the 1960's, then by truck to the residence. The caboose apparently has not had any TLC since then, and is slowly rotting away.
  18. john

    john Guest

    Wide Vision cabose converted to store, Alabama

    This caboose is used as an office for a convenience store in Louisville, Alabama.

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  19. philip

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    Their is a Frisco Caboose located in Marthasville Mo, it has been repainted and is now a snowcone stand.
  20. roger

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    Roger Kirkpatrick has identified the Louisville, AL. caboose below as SLSF 1255.

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