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      1. STOUTLAND Milepost: 167.5[​IMG]

        Named for Captain Stout, one of the directors of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad.

        It is both located in Camden and Laclede Counties, a portion of it lying in each.
  2. Stoutland Depot 1912
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    Why post the same photo twice??? Roger
  4. Just a typeing error working my laptop,...did not know I already clicked
  5. The ground sure dropped down out from under the back side of the depot back then. You would think they would have at least filled in the drop off area a little to get some more level area under and behind the back side of the building.
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  6. William Jackson

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    Karl, that's where the toilet is, just drops in. Fancy one for that time period.
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    Your just twisted Bill.
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  8. Well then i feel sorry for those that were working in or around the buildings down below.
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    Notice how the rail was laid back then. No tie plates for each tie.
    When where tie plates introduced to rail laying technology?
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  10. Supposedly about 1900. Not sure how long it may have taken specific railroads to start using them but apparently not being used here yet in 1912.
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  11. William Jackson

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    Tie Plates, would have been added when the railroad upgraded rail. The rail would cut into a tie with no plates, making it difficult to install plates. Very expensive, 3250 ties to a standard mile times two, that's a lot of steel. So plates was installed, a few miles at a time.
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    I'm guessing that the gentleman is unloading grain from that CGW boxcar. It looks like whatever he is unloading is light colored and it looks like parts of a grain door laying on the ground next to the car.
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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we are at the Frisco Depot in Stoutland Missouri. The railroad came though here en route to Lebanon in 1869. The town war named after Captain Stout ~Railroad Official. The post office was established the following year in 1870.
    The view today was taken around 1910 with photographer atop a box car:
    Click here for current view!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sWYBJG...
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    Its a shame someone back then felt the need to write on the negative. Depot name is very legible.
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    I wonder what the exact occupation is of the guys sitting on top of the boxcar. The Stoutland Whittlin’ and Spittin’ Society?

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