Steam Locomotive Assignments 1924-1933

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    Folks -
    Anyone who has ever looked through the old Frisco Employees' Magazines has probably noted the regular "Fuel Performance Report" section that was a staple of the aforementioned years. Typically each section begins with a general discussion of fuel performance issues, followed by individual reports from the Frisco's various divisions, including the locomotive itself, train number, running points, engineer/fireman, fuel used, and occasionally other operating notes such as the number of cars, MTYs, loads, etc.

    It has been a long time coming, but over the past I-don't-know-how-many years, I've slowly tried to compile notes as I've read through these. Accordingly, I'm posting it here in the hopes that it might be interesting to all and useful to anyone interested in accurately modeling Frisco steam operations.

    It's interesting to note both the specific locomotives that seem to regularly show up on specific trains, not to mention classes of locomotives assigned to subdivisions. While there are plenty of magazines available before 1924 and after 1933, these seem to be the only years where any helpful data is included.

    If anyone notes any errors, please feel free to reply and I'll work to update/repost this as needed.

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    Chris, I suppose you have those in Excel format? I would like to add the engine type (4-8-2, etc) to them; it will be an indicator of the efficiency of the various types of engines.
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    Thanks Chris - great research.
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    Nicely done, Chris. The FEM's are gold.
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    Indeed, I do, Keith. I attempted to initially upload as one single workbook, with divisional worksheets, but the Excel file suffix isn't uploadable. Nevertheless, it should be an easy addition; thanks for the suggestion.

    Thanks, Doug and Karl. It's funny how scope creep works. I started out just wanting to compile River Division information, and then reckoned that I might as well look at all the other divisions, too. Now that my modeling locale has shifted, it turned out to be quite beneficial. Someday I'm going to try to carefully read through all of the various "reports" from general offices, shops, roundhouses, etc. I suspect there are more nuggets in there as well.

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